The Mormon anti-gay outrage



(Mat 24:24 NKJV)  "For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

The Latter Day Saints (LDS) Apostle Boyd Kenneth Packer at the LDS 180th Semiannual conference declared that same sex attraction as impure and unnatural condition. The church also opposes same sex marriages.  Coming against the backdrop of gay teenage suicides, this is a reflection of the toxic and condemning religious environment that gays lived in. Boyd is the effective head of the church being the President of the quorum of “12 apostles” of the church.  

The Mormons are against gays not because it was impure or unnatural,  but the Mormons are founded on sexual abuses of man against woman where in a patriarchal society, the man would have many wives. This was personified by the founder of the “church”, Joseph Smith. He had at least 33 wives most of them below 20 years old. The motivation for having many wives and much sex was based on their theology to multiply and replenish the earth.

The foundation of the Mormon church based on man’s uncontrolled sexual urges and lust after woman justified by using the bible. The church did grow very fast, based on Joseph Smith as the Prophet apparently selected and chosen by an angel called “Moroni” revealing spiritual instructions in golden plates. The story remains a story tale as the plates were never produced. The angel stood high above the Mormon Temple at Salt Lake City, a symbol of their idol worship.

The gay community is again portrayed as deviants by Mormons intending to hide their in-grained sins of pagan idol worship, adultery, and sexual orgies. Being Gay would be a threat their patriarchal structure where the man reigns supreme in the control over the woman, as there is no delineation of sex. There would also be no offsprings, contrary to the Mormon beliefs that the perfect Mormon woman was to marry young and have at least 10 children.

If Joseph Smith had been gay, the church of course would never have been founded, for Smith leveraged on the innate heterosexual instincts of 95% of the population. The church grew not because its theology was correct or that the masses found a new hope in life, but because of organic growth as the Mormons had many offspring, and many were born into Mormon families and made it into a religion.

For the Mormons, salvation is through Joseph Smith and not Jesus Christ, even though they claimed to be Christians. The Jesus of Mormonism is not the Jesus of the bible but the brother of Lucifer. Yet, the Christian Right in America including Focus on the Family does not make Mormonism a focal point whilst using gays as a symbol of their hate. For the Mormons have gained increasing political strength and followers with the 13 million followers, 122 temples, 2700 stakes, and 50,000 missionaries.

Even though Mormonism is a real threat to Christianity with their missionaries even plying the streets of Singapore, the Christian community in Singapore has remained silent as if the sex abuses of heterosexual nature condoned whilst the mere mention of gay sex causes religious indignation. We are willing to condone a “Christian” cult whilst the mere mention of gays provoke a self righteous outrage in Christians.

Momornism is a distortion of basic Christian, immoral in its idol worship of its leader Joseph Smith, a departure from the central tennants of faith based on Jesus Christ.  Its lifestyle is perversed based on sexual exploitation of women. Yet, it has the audacity to mention God and God's laws as against gays when they have departed so far away from God. Perhaps it is a way for the Mormons to use this as a wedge issue so that they can be depicted as mainstream Christianity and "pro-family" when they are a hate cult which should be banned in Singapore along with their street walkers which ply the MRT routes looking for converts.  

The LDS Apostle Boyd Packer has a right to his religious opinion, but tonight he is representing not only a personal opinion but an entire faith. His anti-gay hate speech would have added incredible condemnation on young gay mormons who are already trapped in an insidious religious system and now further condemned for their innate sexual orientation. We trust that they would not resort to taking their own lives which many had done. We pray tonight that the young gay mormons will see the light and escape from the bondage of Mormonism and begin the journey of accepting themselves and their sexual orientation, and accepting Christ into their lives. 

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