Daystar Lamb - thanking God he is not gay

(Luke 18:11 NKJV) "The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, 'God, I thank You that I am not like other men; extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this tax collector.

The Christian Broadcasting Organization, Daystar, founded by the Rev. Marcus Lamb is the second largest Christian Broadcaster in the US and possibly in the world (apart from the Catholic Church). It hosts Singaporean preachers such as Pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation and Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest Church. Both CHC and NCC have the same broadcaster and now worships at the same place at Suntec. Perhaps, there is not much difference between Grace and Law.

Indeed, Rev. Marcus Lamb is under the spotlight of the law and needs all the grace that he can have. Maybe grace would not save him, but his ingenuity and cunning.

In order to pre-empt being sued by Jeanette Hawkins, a former staff, on 03 Dec 2010, Rev. Marcus Lamb took on the "high" moral ground by admitting belately his infidelity, claimed God's forgiveness and paint himself as the innocent party being blackmailed for 7.5 million dollars.

The truth was that Jeanette along with two other former employees, was represented by Dallas attorney James Fisher who approached Daystar lawyers to seek for a settlement.    

The suit now in the open and before the courts claimed that the Lambs exerted substantial pressure for the former staff to cover up the affair when they bought it up in Aug 2007.  

  The defence by their marriage counseller, Fred Kendall seems self justifying and self righteous as if to say that it is not as bad as being gay..

“He had had one inappropriate period of misbehavior, with one person, and it wasn’t a man. It wasn’t a transvestite. It was with a woman,” Kendall said.

As the churches in Singapore and in the US have over the last decades embarked on an anti-gay agenda where gays are to be put in jail, and gay marriage strictly prohibited, we are bringing upon ourselves the curse of the law. We have sinned against the GLBT community, took away their basic rights and freedom, and we have gloried in it. We deserved judgement under the law and subject to the curse of the law.

The curse of the law brings out sin deep within our lives. It brings it to reality. Marcus probably didn't meant to have an adulterous affair and it would be silly as it would jeopradise his empire and impact the image of Christianity. It's not worth it, he knew it, yet the curse of the law comes into his heart and birthed the sin of adultery into action.

It was the same issue with the Pharisees, who outwardly condemn others as sinners in the strictest interpretation of the law even though most of the time out of context, they were themselves full of skeletons. As we highlight the Law, and the alleged sins of others, we come under judgement by the same sets of standards that we used to judge others.

In the case of Homosexuality, we use the OT/NT laws which was driven by the abhoration of the anal sex that the worshippers had with the priests to join themselves spiritually with the demons. It was not about same sex relationship by 5% of the population but a mass sexual orgy by straight people who were worshipping demons because of their religious faith beliefs.

If we were consistent in how we treat the GLBT community to how we treat others, Christians should be calling the adherants of other religious faiths to a long jail sentence! After all, didn't we accused them of worshipping idols!.  

Why Christians in Singapore highlight only gays and seek to put them in jail, because gays are a very small minority and are very weak as compared to the half a million strong Christians. We have put all our sins on the poor gay gentle lamb. Just like Rev Marcus Lamb and his counsellor Fred Kendall, even in adultery, have the audacity to say at least I am not as sinful as those filthy gays!

 City Harvest was right after all, for the law never passed away and often we misused God's grace and make it cheap. Rev. Marcus Lamb is now claiming God's grace and forgiveness, and his wife will forgive him, but what about the hundreds of thousand of gays  the church wronged. Their call for justice cannot be denied by a righteous God under the law. Justice is demanded and is gonna be much more than the 7.5 million alleged by Marcus that he was blackmailed for.

 Grace can never cover willful injustice and grave harm done at such a large scale by the church against the GLBT community, because it is not for us to receive grace rather for those who were wronged to give grace. Alas, what we sowed is what we will reap for much - too much blood of those who have died because of our anti-gay aggenda have soiled the ground until their cries could not be ignored by God.

As the drama unfolds in the court battle between Daystar and her detractors, the image and the ministry of Christianity suffers, and the work of God through the broadcast of the wonderful message such as by Kong Hee and Prince will be lost in the juicy sex tabloits and headlines. How sin and self righteousness mars all of us, one way or another, when we should have chosen Grace in all that we do, for we know only in part and are often misled much as we think we know all things. 


Reference: Dallas News

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