Proposition 8 - No one should be denied unalienable Rights



(Mark 15:13 NKJV) So they cried out again, "Crucify Him!"

(Mark 15:14 NKJV) Then Pilate said to them, "Why, what evil has He done?" But they cried out all the more, "Crucify Him!"

There are a few common arguments used by the Christian Right against Gays, namely, it is the will of the people who should not be decided by activist judges, their country was founded on biblical faith and should be operated from the church as its power centre and pandering to the gay rights will result it going down the slippery slope of immorality, Gays cannot be equated to civil rights as it is not a physical attritibute. The Christian Right must extremely agitated by the protests against the Mormon churches and Catholic church. They have not said "no" to immorality, but have become one in union with their immoral partners.

The real truth however, is not about Gay marriages or that Gays are in any way destroying straight marriages. This is illogical but had to be packaged as such to drum up support especially amongst the unlearned and those who are easily misled. The real truth is that Christians in the vast majority are against gays, whom they consider as intrinsically sinners, and grossly immoral and so should be stamped out even though forming less than 5% of the population. We see this in Nazi Germany, where gays are slaughtered with glee and support from the majority of Christians. We also see this in many countries such as Singapore where the Christian Right are the major proponents against the decrimnalization of gays as they also had been in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s.

Sure, there are some dissenters amongst the more enlightened Christians, there were also some dissenters when they drag Jesus to the religious courts. But their voices were easily drowned out, and the religious authorities were able to fan a mob mentality and they shouted "Crucify Him, crucify Him,...". They claimed that Jesus was a sinner, a blasphemer against the very name of God. This mob mentality prevails in Calfornia with the success of proposition 8. However, it only very narrowly passed, despite the unholy alliance of the Focus on Family, Saddleback church, the Catholic Church, and the Mormon ground troopers. Power and Money was no problem. Just as "Jesus must die", so too "Gays must die". The irony of it all is that both are innocent. How could a preacher, wandering in the desert posed a harm to the established religion? How could gays forming 5% of the population, living in the gay gethhos, ever impact the mainstream? What evil has Gays done to deserved being brutally attacked by the Christian Right! who should know better.

A common argument used is that the nation are founded by Christianity, or on biblical faith and they will even claim that of Singapore without any supporting reason. But the Christian Right is like that, always sprouting rethoric with no historical facts. Facts are not important for the Christian Right which is sad because true Christianity is founded based on facts - the death and resurrection of Jesus, our God and Saviour. It is not founded on the will of the poeple. Take a census at the Cross of Calvary, and you will find very few support for Christ, for all the disciples fled except perhaps John and Peter. If the truth be known, then the signatories to the declaration of Independece in 1776, were Free Masons, and not necessarily Christians, who have yearned

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"

And Why? they yearned to be free poeple, for they were followers of the Templer Knights brutually cracked down the Catholic Church who had started a mob uprising against the Knights to take their money and lands away. It was the Templar Knights who formed the first banks, and it should be no surprise that America has the Wall Street. The rights of gays to exist and to marry are self evident by the constitution set to protect such people from the religious mob that prevailed in Europe. The rights of Gays to exist and have equal rights to marry are self evident and unalienable and not subject to the majority vote.

(Luke 4:6 NKJV) And the devil said to Him, "All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish.

The Jews were expecting the Messiah to come with an army to defeat the Romans and rule over Jerusalem. But Jesus was very clear about the separation of state and religion, and He never had the intention to replace the Roman rule. However, just like the Jews, down through the centuries, many have tried to make the church, the centre of power and rule, to bring heaven down on earth so to speak, but the end will be disastrous as seen in the Catholic Church where power and wealth corrupted the church from its message of the great commission. In fact, at one stage the church owned much of the land in Europe. This world is carnal, and the church is a light to Christ, and not in union with the powers of this world. If we do so, that our lights will be dimmed to reflect the carnal man instead of Jesus Christ. When we rule the world, we are bowing down to the principalities that ruled it in the spirit.

The Christian Right is now on the defensive trying to smear the Civil Rights movement by Gays by saying that gays is not a physical attribute. This is not insightful, as the rights refer not only to that which is physically discernable, but much of it to the unseen but no less important - to our faith, our culture, language, religion, ethnic groups, and tradition. These are unique people groups defined not necesarrily because they are white, or black, but because they hold common attributes which bind them together as a people. When we deny Gays, the very basic civil rights, then beware, for we are indirectly coming against the foundation of our basic rights to choose our faith, the right to become a Christian and to accept Jesus as Lord and saviour. In many parts of the world, in India and China, where the masses of the world live, this right is not there. When we come aganst the gay community, we too come against our right to insist that these people have a right to the Christian faith. It is the so called activist judges that is defending our rights too as a safeguard to protect the intention and the integrity of the constitution.

Ultimately, it is so much more than just basic human rights. It is about Spiritual Rights.The Church has considered gays to be intrinsically sinners, ie you are a sinenr because you were born gay. Being gay or straight should not make a person any less or greater sinner. Being a Homosexual or Heterosexual does not make a person less or more immoral. They have tried to twist the message by saying that it is a lifestyle, why to defend their narrow and misguided interpretation of the bible against the more liberal minded. The bible does not say that it is a lifestyle, but an act of idol worship by straight people worshiping the fertility gods. It was not referring to gays. At the end, we are closing the doors of the church, to gays who are born as such through no fault of their own. It is this closed door policy that God is breaking down, and it starts with Civil Rights. If the church has to be severely shaken and broken down to achieve this, then it has to be done, for Christ is coming back, for all the nations, for all peoples, including those who have lived with us, for so long, yet we have denied their existence. But in Christ, no one is denied.

in Christ, no one is denied.

We will follow Christ, to proclaim that no one is denied, God's love, grace and mercy. We will follow Him by reaching out our hands to the weak, the oppressed, those whom Jesus would minister to if He was here today. I will follow Him, ever since He touched my heart, and say, you are free, go, and proclaim freedom to others that all may know my grace extends far far beyond sexual orientation to the ends of the Earth. Behold, thus says the Lord, "I am coming back"..

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