Love Singapore defending Singapore from Gay barbarians


On 15 Feb 13, Love Singapore whose members include most of the mega churches in Singapore met up with Singapore's minister of Law to press their demands to restrict gay rights.

 The minister confirmed maintaining the status quo concerning 377A which criminalise gay sex. Being a major representative of Christians in Singapore, the group photo was the final trophy to bring home the victory of being the defenders of morality in Singapore. Should Total Defence include moral defence.

The faces in the photo seems familiar, the whos who in the anti-gay christian front:- Pastor Lawrence Khong, Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong, Pastor Derek Hong, Pastor Lawrence Chuah, Former Bishop Robert Solomon.

Their smiling faces seems to reflect a sense of pride. In Pastor's Lawrence Khong's facebook entry on 22 Jan 13, he wrote

"In fact, in my Facebook comments, it is the proponents of for the repeal of 377a, who use the Bible against us. It is kind of laughable since we pastors understand our Holy Book better than most of you. Let's stay on social and moral issues in this discussion. ".

It is the sin of pride, the leven which puffs up and corrupts the church which will one day be the downfall of many. Their very motivation for coming after gays is that they consider homosexuality as an abomination according to the bible. Yet, they laugh at those who used the bible against their arguments as if they are the only ones who as Pastor Khong said "understand our Holy Book better than most of you". Out of the mouths of babes will the church be judged.

Going to Pharoah to keep a minority in bondage is immoral. It breaks the 10 commandments for we are stealing from others, their due rights, and making a false witness before the law of the land against them. Gays are not anymore immoral than straight people simply because they are gays.

It is ironic that the current corruption court proceedings are full of straight sex related cases. Why not imposed a 2 year jail sentence for adultery as well if we were so concerned about moral defence! Perhaps Christians also used the paid services provided at Geylang, the very large red light district in Singapore. I guess these places are providing a social service.

With the birth rate declining in Singapore, shouldn't we ban abortions to protect the family. The women's charter seems out of line against the man being the head of the household. Alas, gays paid the price of the sins of straight people.

Why do they ignore the idol worship to the various deities in the high places in Singapore, for clearly the OT speaks of bringing down this altars with fire from heaven as not to contaminate the land with uncleanliness.

The apparent hypocrisy of Love Singapore and their pastors is clear and they could only hide behind a vague notion about morality and social issues.  But the tide of change and public opinion is coming.

How do we blibically define morality? It is about who we worship and what we do. Being moral in the OT is to stay clean and not be associated with anything that makes us unclean spiritually ie we can't have any associations with idol worship. The ultimate act is the religious abomination where men have sex with the temple priests as to join in one body with Satan. Hence we become innately unclean.

Being moral is also about what we do, with the 10 commandments being the guideline. You would not find any mention of doing gay sex here because it is not against any moral law.

Are we able to keep the entire law? and boast and have pride that we know the bible? Pride is a leven which puffs up and contaminates the entire of body of Christ. When we insist on the law, it spreads lawlessness and our sins are magnified. There is no grace and we are judged without mercy.

 As the reverends from Love Singapore departed the meeting with the minister with a happy ending, it is merely the impetus for the work of the law to spread rapidly in the body of Christ, bring out and magnify the sins of the body of Christ and insisting that this sins be judged to the fullest extent of the law.

What we sow is what we received. When we insist on morality, we put judgement on ourselves. Moreover, because we have judged the gay community falsely and put them in prison through our false witness, we are also liable to be put into prison. ie when we insist on the 2 years jail sentence of gays, we will receive 4 fold or 8 years for our sins.

The meeting with the minister has ended, the 377a stays in place for the moment, but often judgement starts in the house of God. We seek to defend morality of the entire nation, but is the church clean. Our sins will be magnified, the blood in our hands shown to all.

Even New Creation Church was pre-emptive by denying any association with the "lifestyle" of any artist performing at their Star Center and reaffirm that the church is not a building but people. Hence, it was implied that the gay megastar Adam Lambert performing in March 13 at their Star Performance Art Centre in Singapore does not make the church unclean. For New Creation Church, perhaps homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle.

 Where does grace end? Jesus Christ was amongst the sinners of the land, the least in the community whom the rest despised and considered as unclean. This is grace personified. Jesus did not mind being labelled together with them. I don't think Jesus would have minded, if the Pharisees accused him of being gay!

The Jews however categorised gays in ancient times as "born eunuchs" ie not having a preference for the opposite sex from their mothers womb, hence they were not tempted by the sin of adultery for whom Jesus was condeming the pharisees for.

We are reminded that Rome fell to the northern Barbarians because the church in Rome did not go out to reach with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The church has denied the gospel to the gay community and instead insisted on the law.

Just like the barbarians, the gay community is actually at the doorstep of the church. Even though the church is not necesarrily a building but where 2 or 3 believers gather, it represents a portal to God.

The coming concert by Adam Lambert at the Star center where New Creation Church holds their service is a prophetic message to the wider church that gays are coming into the very city of god, our Rome.

The gay community is knocking at the gates of the church. We may go the Law Minister to make sure that the door is lock shut to the city gates but the gay community has already entered into the city centre, into the heart of our worship places. Why? because their only sin is unbelief in Jesus Christ and not because they are gay.

The Gospel is to the ends of the earth, to the very last tribe whom we have locked shut our gates to. The gay barbarians have entered in their drag customes!


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