Love Singapore - a prayer to Repent from bitterness


Heb 12:14 Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord: 15 looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled;

When I saw the 6,000 people attending the FCBC service all wearing white to protest against pink dot in 2014, did anyone noticed that the numbers were too few! Where did the rest all go to? Star Auditorium? raptured?  Size does matter but growth and supply is of God.

When a church is losing members, and with too much demands of cell group multiplication and growth, we can become bitter and angry under the heavy demands especially when growth did not occur despite all that was done. Even magic cannot help. 

In the late 90s, FCBC was apparently the largest church in Singapore with attendance close to 10,000. When I joined CHC in early 1997, the church was in revival with the attendance at 1500. New Creation Church was holding their services at the City Hall Raffles City Convention Centre no more than 1300.

I had great friends at FCBC but the church was too far to travel, and so I attended CHC being near to Payar Lebar MRT. It was a great church and many of my best friends were from CHC. The church had changed my life but I had to move on.

Love Singapore grew out of the AD 2000 movement, by the Spiritual Warfare Network (SVN). It was called Love Singapore to make it more palatable but it was and is a spiritual army of the third wave with Singapore being the Antioch of Asia.

The harvest time was a time of war for spiritual souls. The Christians were supposed to pray against the various strongman and principalities controlling the city.

In 1995, a Vision 2001 was birthed where the church had planned to put a prayer Cell Group in every HDB block by year 2000, for Singapore  to know the love and Lordship of Jesus Christ. But the 10,000 attendance was never maintained even with Pastor Lawrence Khong appointed as an apostle like the title "Tan Sri" in Malaysia.

Pastor Khong of FCBC graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1981 unlike his CHC and NCC counterparts who had little formal theological qualifications when the churches were started. The FCBC Sunday attendance in 1992 was already 4,500. New Creation church was only 150 in 1990. City Harvest was only just registered as a society in 1992.

The Sunday attendance at FCBC was more than 6,000 in 1997. By mid 2000, it reached 10,000. But growth then stagnated. 

By the time CHC celebrated its 14th aniversary service in Aug 2001 at the Indoor Stadium with an attendance of more than 10,000, FCBC had been outstripped as the largest church.

Fourteen years later, the numbers had dimisnished slightly despite all magical attempts. It was only 6,000 at the service wearing white in 2014. If they had grown 5% a year, from 10K in year 2000, they would have needed the national stadium. They returned to the 6,000 numbers way back in 1997. 

Alas, instead of being Antioch of Asia to preach the Gospel to the billions in India and China, in 2014, they are battling the Pink Dot of 26,000 strong.  Today the largest church is New Creation and not CHC nor FCBC.

The issue has never been about pro-family or defending morality. It is about power and glory to be the biggest. Gays are only the wedge issue to serve an end to unite the Christians together and build up the church who is falling apart from the Gospel of the Grace of God.

There is an incredibly bitter and judgemental root springing up to cause trouble by the churches, causing disharmony instead of pursuing peace with the Pink dot. We can't pursue holiness by the law, by the demands to be holy.

There is a cry and a prayer not to be deceived by the evil one, to be side tracked into causing harm and taking away the basic rights of the oppressed when we should be going out to war for the souls through the Gospel Preaching. Like King David, we have killed the Gentle lamb belonging to the poor farmer.

Let us humble ourselves and pray, and turn away from our sins in oppressing the weak and the wounded. Perhaps, we will not end up like Esau who found no grace for Jacob refused to change his blessings of the first born.

When we wear white, we have fallen short of the grace of God by depending on the law for our holiness. Not only that, we have sinned by persecuting the weak and denying them the basic human rights and dignity.

Mt Sinai is a place of trouble, of judgement and death, a place of strive and conflict. This is not what Singapore should be. This is not love, but hate and animosity disguised as morality and pro-family.

The Gay tribe is the last people group. instead of preaching the Gospel, we have skewed all the gentle lambs and placed all our sins on the last tribe. We have burned those that God have sent us to preach the Good news.

Let us repent and return to Mt Zion, for out of Zion shall the Gospel be preached to the ends of the earth.

Let us pursue peace with all people, and pursue the Grace of God that we may receive righteousness and Holiness from Jesus apart from our works. Then we will be called to be a Holy nation set apart for God's purposes as the Antioch of Asia.

God bless Singapore and Shalom.



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