Love Singapore - the modern day Pharisees


Mat 19:3 The Pharisees also came to Him, testing Him, and saying to Him, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for just any reason?”

The problem with the Jewish religious Pharisees was that they were very religious but not Christians. They were Judaist who emphasised the law without much grace and mercy.

In Singapore, we have their long lost descendents behaving the same manner. They changed the Great Commission to the Great moral defense against the GLBT Community to restrict their basic rights and freedoms. Are they that moral? Is the majority moral? with tens of thousands of Divorces and abortions each year in the conservative heartlands.

The Moral conservatism is just a disguise. They are trying hard to maintain this delusion by blaming gays for all their sexual sins.

Love Singapore is out of mandate and commission. Her actions are not Christian but aligned to the anti-gay culture of this world. Love Singapore doesn't really love the family or Singapore. They only love themselves.

A) Love Singapore is against the OT Laws

Even the Pharisees who were of the OT knew that the laws could be summarised by loving God and loving others.

  • Homosexuality was not against the Ten Commandments.

  • Homosexuality was considered as an abomination in Letivicus because it was related to the idol worship of Baal where the men would have sex with the temple priest carnally. Hence, the sin was not loving God of Israel and loving another god.

What Love Singapore is doing is bearing false witness hence coming against the Ten Commandments.

b) Love Singapore is violating blibical Christianity

The bible is not pro-family (one man and one woman in marriage) in the way emphasised by Love Singapore.

The story of creation was recorded as a fact, and the nature of the family was not emphasised over and over again. Rather, it was about the journey of israel, the journey that produces the virgin Seed that ultimately undermined Satan's plan.

The devil did his best to corrupt the seed by sending angels to have sex with the daughters of men in order to corrupt the blood line. Hence, God had to flood the entire nations, and even destroy Sodom and Gammorah.

When creation was mentioned in the NT, it was about the Pharisees being vile hypocrites and divorcing their wives at will. It was not because they had many wives.

It is ironic that the only mention of gays in the bible has to do with with those not tempted to have many wives like the Pharisees because they were natural Eunuchs born as such from the mothers womb without opposite sex attraction. Hence they were not going to fall into adultery and having many divorces.

c) Love Singapore are giving a false witness of the bible.

These are learned Pastors who knew the bible inside out. Yet, the bible did not emphasise on the family. Indeed, the bigger the family, the more troubles. The family was not a one man versus one woman affair. It was complicated.

The Patriachs had the following number of wives including concubines:-

  • Abraham - 3 -
    Kuturah, Sarah, and hagar

  • Jacob - 2 -
    Leah and Rachel

  • David -  7.
    Ahinoam of Jezreel, Abigail the Carmel, Maachah the daughter of King Talmai of Geshur, Haggith, Abital, Eglah, and Bath-shua (Bathsheba) the daughter of Ammiel.

  • Solomon - 1000.
    Too many to name.

The problem with the wives were that it caused the patriachs to violate the law of loving God. The wives were of different faiths, and Israel back slided. Hence, the sin here is not about being anti-family but not loving God.

d) Love Singapore is attracting Sin and condemnation.

Before the law was given, the israelites murmured, rebelled, and were faithless yet there was grace given to them. None died.

After the law was given and the Israelites in their self righteousness declared that they were able to follow the law, immediately judgement came and they begin to worship idols.

The Law brought judgement and showed their sin.

When the churches wear white next week, know that they are declaring the OT law upon their lives.

This law will bring out the sin of the church, and the church will be shown to be moral failures by one incident after another. That is the power of the law.

e) Love Singapore is undermining the Gospel

The bar of judgement against Love Singapore will be set very low by the public. Even the smallest indiscretion by the churches will be criticised and reported. For the yeast is in the hypocrisy of the church.

When the nations see our hypocrisy and self righteousness, they would be turned off from the bible which is the total opposite for it reflects God's love, grace and mercy.

The nations will judge us when we persecute the weakest.

In conclusion, as Love Singapore and her churches prepare for their final crusade with Apostle Lawrence Khong as their leader, it is really good for the GLBT Community for their effort will be self defeating. The pharisees always bring judgement for themselves including the destruction of Jerusalem when they sent Jesus to the Cross.

The wearing of white, the calling of the OT law, the dire hypocrisy, self rightousness and judgement is like a boomerang that will return back to the church a thousand fold. Hence, we bidst the churches to wear the white.

It's OK for them to throw stones at us. At least we wear pink and be true to ourselves. At least we have integrity and honesty and don't live a lie.

For the only person who can wear white is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.


1. On Friday (June 20), I posted this on my Facebook Page:

“I’m so happy that Singapore’s Muslim community is making a vocal and visual stand for morality and Family. I fully support the ‘wear white’ campaign. FCBC, together with the LoveSingapore network of churches, will follow suit on the weekend of 28 and 29 June, island-wide. I look forward to celebrating the Family with the Muslim community and I am pleased to partner with them in championing virtue and purity for the good of our nation!
LoveSingapore will also be supporting an online Family campaign called FamFest Singapore (<>). This is a unique FaceBook page by TOUCH Family Services. It promotes the right Family values. It celebrates the contributions of the Family in Singapore.
The family unit is the lifeblood of our nation. The time to stand and defend what is right is NOW.
2. In doing so, we—meaning our church FCBC and the LoveSingapore network of churches—are not being confrontational and divisive.
Let me explain.
a. We are merely defending the official position of our government—the substance and tone of declared government policy.
1991: Singapore Government White Paper on Shared Values—“In recent decades, many developed societies have witnessed a trend towards .... more permissive social mores, such as increasing acceptance of “alternative lifestyles”, casual sex relationships and single parenthood. The result has been to weaken the family unit. Singapore should not follow these untested fashions uncritically.”
2007: PM Lee’s Parliamentary Speech—“Homosexuals work in all sectors, all over the economy, in the public sector and in the civil service as well. They are free to lead their lives, free to pursue their social activities. But there are restraints and we do not approve of them actively promoting their lifestyles to others, or setting the tone for mainstream society.... ”
b. We are merely echoing the voice of the conservative majority:
2013: The survey by Our Singapore Conversation found that “society in general did not accept gay lifestyles...The majority of respondents across almost all educational profiles rejected same-sex marriage.”
2014: A recent survey by the Institute of Policy Studies states— “When it came to sexual relations between two adults of the same sex, 78.2 per cent of respondents said it was wrong. And 72.9 per cent did not agree with gay marriage.”
3. So, who is being confrontational and divisive?
Think carefully. It is not us. We are doing the right thing for the good of our nation. It is the gay activists who are confrontational and divisive:
a. They are attempting to take down 377A.
b. They are going against the official position that disallows the public promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.
c. They are blatantly acting contrary to the conservative majority's stand on morality.
4. Realise this, we—meaning our church FCBC and the LoveSingapore network of churches—do not hate or despise homosexuals. We esteem them as persons of intrinsic worth, deserving love and care. But we cannot and will not endorse homosexuality. We will continue to resist any public promotion of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle.
5. I believe it is time for the Church to work with like-minded groups (like the Muslims) to register our opposition to the Pink Dot Event before it is too late. Did you know that recently, the Law School of the National University of Singapore hosted the launch of a book entitled Mobilising Gay Singapore by Lynette Chua? Every pastor should read this to find out what our premier university is promoting. It's clear that the LGBTs in Singapore have been strategising for some 20 years to normalise homosexuality in our nation. They are making headway—on our watch! The Pink Dot Event is an important feature of their gameplan.
6. We must let our government know that, in allowing the Pink Dot Event to continue without restraint, they are more than tolerating the gay agenda. They are bordering on endorsing and emboldening the LGBT claim to gay rights. We must continue writing private letters to our Ministers. But we have come to the point where the Pink Dot Event is getting so unashamedly public and loud with their agenda that we can no longer just rely on private communication.
7. We must let the Multinational Corporations know that they have no business in supporting this Pink Dot Event. They cannot and should not meddle with our national values.
8. We must put a stop to the public promotion of the Pink Dot movement. Ultimately, what gay activists want is to redefine Love, redefine Marriage, and redefine Family.
9. Meanwhile, what can churches do together?
a. As mentioned in two previous communiques to pastors and leaders, please make a stand for Family. Be part of FamFest Singapore on June 28 and June 29. At all our church services, pray for Families and say the Family Pledge together. Mobilise all to join the “Virtual Family Gathering” on the FamFest Singapore Facebook page (<>). I have re-attached the powerpoint and suggested announcement script.
b. We have a unique opportunity this coming weekend to stand in solidarity with the Muslim community on this social cause. Let us support their call to “wear white” as a symbol of purity and virtue for the natural Family. So, please encourage all to show up in white for church service on June 28 and June 29.
10. I sincerely would like to hear from you. Drop us a short email to say: We’re IN.
Thank you and may God bless you!
Lawrence Khong
Chairman, LoveSingapore

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