Loosing the Gospel war but winning the battle



In this World Cup Season, sometimes it gets confusing whether Christians are being fired up for Jesus! When we wear white against gays, who are we proclaiming? Is this of jesus Christ, the Nazarene.

In PinkDot 2014, it was an amazing sight when the helicopters overhead (who were preparing for the National day celebration) took the flight path over  the Pink Dot event with their giant Singaporean flag of Red and White. God was saying something. Of all the flight paths it could have taken, it graced the Pink Dot.

Gay rights is coming to Singapore, because the Gospel is reaching the last tribe.

In the bible, it was surprising that Christians did not take up a stance against morality nor came against other faiths:-

  • The temple of Aphrodite with her thousands of straight female prostitutes and giant sized statue of a naked Aphrodite

  • Cult of Cybele - the Mother Goodess of Rome - where the priests would castrate themselve and the men would have anal sex with the priests. Paul didn't particularly like this cult in Romans 1.

  • The temple of Baal, the fertility god where men would have orgies with other men, with male and female harlots, the dogs of the temple to join themselves to the gods.

They knew their commission was to preach Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection power as justification for our sins. It was not about morality per say, and definately not about gays.

A thousand eigth hundred years later, we became the modern day pharisees persecuting the weak. How ironic when Christians started out as the marginalised being persecuted for the Gospel sake.

We were once killed for the Gospel Good News message. Gays are now dying because of us. We now persecute whom we thought as the greatest sinners for religion sake! Gays are of course sinners. Their only sin is their unbelief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour!

In 2007, during the 377a debate in Singapore concerning gays being put in prison for 2 years, the Christians won the battle and gays remained in prisons. It was a victory for Love Singapore, and the National Council of Churches who even called for additional laws to be added putting Lesbians in jail.

In the bible, Christians are martyed for the Gospel. Not one was killed for proclaiming religious morality.

Only Eight years later, there has been 6 Pink Dots each getting bigger:-

1) Pink Dot 2009 - Love 4ALL, attendance 2,600

2) Pink Dot 2010 - Focussing on Our Families - Attendance  4,000

3) Pink Dot 2011 -  Family - Attendance - 10,000
Sponsors - Google

4) Pink Dot 2012 - Someday - Attendance - 15,000
Sponsors - Barclays, Google

5) Pink Dot 2013 -  Home - Attendance - 21,000
Sponsors - Barclays, Google, Copper Vision, Park Royal, The Gunnery, JP Morgan

6) Pink Dot 2014 - We are Family - Attendance - 26,000
Sponsors - Barclays, Google, Copper Vision, Park Royal, The Gunnery, JP Morgan, BP, Goldman Sachs

Gays are coming out from their closets in droves, not hiding anymore.

In the meantime, the churches tried to take over the liberal feminist organization Aware in a back door attempt in 2009 to put in their straight and conservative Family Aggenda. But it back fired. It was followed by the anti-gay Pastor Rony Tan of Lighthouse being taken to task for condeming other faiths, and finally Pastor Kong Hee of CHC being charged for financial mis-dealings.

The War has been lost. We may have won all the battles but lost the hearts and minds of the nation for the Gospel. The bible, the Word of God is all but undermined and discredited by our actions. The world only sees our hypocrisy, our sins, and who we are against.

I know of people who have committed suicide because they were gays. The statistics are dire. They were under such great condemnation from the Christian Faith. Their blood cries out. There are many who have lost everything, their lives, the freedom to love and be loved.

There is a knock at the door of the church tonight. There is a Pink Elephant at the door and it will block the entrance. It's very heavy and cannot be moved. There is a great weight, and it will sit on the church and will be a heavy burden on our conscience and how we are viewed. In all that we do, we will see Pink.

I like the GoFest 2003 song at YWAM, "Let it Rain" by Bob Fitts where it said that Christians are Ambassadors of Grace.  There is still Grace if we humble ouselves.

Let It Rain 
Bob Fitts

We are salt and we are the light 
We've come to break all the powers of night 
And by the love of God proclaim His liberty 
We're ambassadors of grace; 
In His name we take this place, 
Lord, let Your will be done 
Let Your kingdom come, Lord 
Let it rain, let it rain

Let Your blessings pour on the nations, Lord; Let it rain. 
Let Your blessings pour on the nations, Lord; Let it rain 
As we sing Your praises, break the curses; Let it rain 
Hear Your people praying, send Your blessings; Let it rain, O let it rain.

You have won the fight O Lord 
By Your death our life's been restored. 
And You have risen now to vanquish all our foes. 
Come abolish every curse. 
O'er the nations of all the earth. 
In Your name we'll go to proclaim. 
You rose to live and reign. 
Lord, come and rain


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