Knowing Jesus intimately


Gen 4:1 And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord.

Jer 24:7 And I will give them an heart to know me, that I am the Lord: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God: for they shall return unto me with their whole heart.

In many places, we can't find Jesus, but He is near to those that seek Him. Jesus has risen so that He can be with us today.

We often create God in our own image and intellect when Jesus is calling us. Our Christian reductionism has replaced Jesus Christ as the way and the truth to God. Can people still find Jesus of the bible, of redemption, power and majesty, in our churches?

The Gay aggenda by the Christian Right is simple. It is to prevent gays from knowing Jesus Christ as their friend and saviour, the truth and grace to God. It is sad that they have succeeded, yet it is all vanity.

The GLBT people are hungry for Jesus yet we fed them plain water which seldom quench their thirst for long rather than living water.

Some churches are like a leaf blowing in the wind of christian universalism. Our preaching even broadcasted on the Internet has attracted only the elite. We are soon remembered no more and withered in the sun. Again this is vanity.

When our openness to doubts and questions on the bible and the Gospel far surpasses the testimony of God's deliverance, power and miracles, and when even the Cross and Jesus blood on Calvary causes an offence, we sail alone in darkness. This is again vanity.

Will gay inclusive churches last the test of time as gay rights are restored as a basic civil right and the mainline churches grudgingly accept the few gay people that comes in for the sake of showing God's love! Again, all is in vain.

We have lost generations of people and that is something that will weigh upon the churches. It is as if Jesus had rejected them because we have rejected people solely on their sexual orientation whereas Jesus only condemnation of people was their unbelief. Their souls perished away and the rainbow blood on our hands. Who remembers them, their lives in vain.

  All is in vain without Christ being the centre, revealed from Genesis to Revelation, from Alpha to Omega.

The bible points toward Jesus until it seems that our identification is centered on our faith in Christ as His child rather than how the world sees us - gender, race, colour, orientation.

We are inclusive because the religious hierachal structure between man and god is broken because we are all the same under Christ. We are forgiven and redeemed at a great price. No one is a greater saint because we are sinners saved by His grace. Inclusivity comes under grace and truth.

Under religious law as practiced by the church hierachal, we are still in our sins, doing good works of love to escape purgatory, the fixed power structure from man, to the priests, the Pope, then Mary/ the Saints. We confess to the priests, and pray to Mary. Can we talk to Jesus directly through faith in God's grace and redemptive truth?

In the religious law, we are afraid to go near Mt Sinai, the mountain of the Law. We stay afar off for truly God will indeed strike us down because we had insisted on our own righteousness to be able to perform according to the law. Hence, we need to find our Aaron. But God had a better way in Jesus Christ, our eternal and everlasting high priest.

Knowing God is scandalous for how can a mere man, know God who is high above. Yet, Jesus came down to our level. And if we allow Him into our bedroon tonight, He is sitting beside us, having a cup of coffee with us!

Knowing Jesus is like having sex, an intimate relationship just as Adam knew Eve.

We can't know God secondhand through the earthly intellectual discourse of a pastor, or even through confession via the priests just as we can't have sex through an intermediary.

Jesus seeks to be known. That was why He came down from heaven to earth.

We can't see Jesus through the law even through the love commandments and religion. We see Jesus superficially through humanity and human intellect. What we see is only Man even though we try to sanctify it by labelling it Christian.

Knowing Jesus is knowing God. This intimacy comes, like the relationship with our partners. It is a closeness and embrace that comes by faith and by grace.

Grace and truth is a term often quoted by Paul. By Grace we can be intimate with God through the truth that Jesus is our Lord and Saviour, and the way to God.

Jesus is near. We can have rest in Him and strive no more.



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