Gays welcomed into Jerusalem



In the natural, the desert rain has come upon Jerusalem that makes a spiritual path in the wilderness bringing the river of God to the GLBT community. Blessed is the Lord God of Israel.

Today, Jan 27, 2013, is the memorial day for the victims of the Holocaust .The association between gays and Jews was forged more than 75 years ago at the death camps of Auschwitz where they were slaughtered by Hitler, who thought he was doing God a favor. Soon after Israel became a new state, the laws persecuting gays left by the British were not actively enforced.

On the 2nd half of last year, the Gay pride entered its 10th year in Aug 12 with a march into the center of Jerusalem of more than 5,000 strong contingent. The "Welcome to Jerusalem" sign was symbolically painted with the rainbow colours.

In Singapore, we still have some colonial left overs in our statutues with many Christians desperately holding onto the nostalgic past. However, the past where gays are slaughtered en-mass will not be repeated.

After more than 60 years of increasing freedom and rights for gays in Jerusalem, what we see in natural Jerusalem is something that we will be seeing in spiritual Jeusalem in the West/Christian world where we prophetically proclaim that Gays will be welcomed in many cities soon.

It was therefore not surprising that President Obama decided to put an emphasis on the basic rights and liberties of gays in his presidential inauguration speech in Jan 13. Laws to legalise gay marriages are being introduced this very moment in London and Paris. The anti-gay Proposition 8 is facing strong scrutiny by the Supreme Court in the US.  

The acceptance of gays in Israel started in 1963 when the laws against homosexuality were not enforced. It was finally taken out of the statutes in 1988 or 25 years ago. Many Christians in Singapore are still insisting in putting gays in jail when Jerusalem made a choice not to put gays in jail more than 60 years ago.

 It's not surprising that some liberal Christians thought it was an agenda to look good that Israel has treated gays so well in contrast to her neighbours who sent them often to the gallows and of course seldom reported by these Christians. Better still,  the conservative Christians totally ignored the fact that Israel has been welcoming gays for half a century with Tel Aviv being a city of refuge to gays escaping from religious persecutions.

Some Christians are aware that the end times are intricately linked with Jerusalem. The events we see in the natural in Jerusalem has a spiritual significance well beyond her sacred walls. Hence, the freedom and liberty given to gays have a spiritual significance.

The hatred by Israel's neighbours seem spiritually motivated for looking at the map with the amazing large area controlled by the middle eastern countries versus a small strip of land by Israel, the aggressor is obvious. Satan hates Israel, because they are chosen of God to bring in redemption to mankind from whom first Adam lost the title deed to.

The coming back of Jews after 2000 years of diaspora was an impossibility until Dec 1917 when General Allenby entered Jerusalem thus ending the Turkish rule of over 400 years. It happened significantly on the first day of the Jewish feast of Hanukkah. Hence, the feast which marks the re-dedication of the temple of God became a spiritual reality to rededicate God's Holy City of Jerusalem.

The horror of World War Two with the torture and deaths of at least 6 million Jews brought home the need for Jews to return Home. Hence, the days of the gentiles occupying Judah and Israel was over.

Gays in Germany shared in being persecuted. Adolf Hitler, a type of anti-Christ, hated gays and tried to exterminate them. At Auschwitz, more than 150,000 gay men died. The hatred for the Gay community is often a spiritual matter rather than about morality or being anti-family. It is a Satanic agenda and not any gay agenda.

 As Christians we are called to proclaim the Gospel of Salvation rather than a ministry of condemnation especially against the weak and vulnerable who can't fight back. The world will know us by what we are against rather than about Jesus.

At Auschwitz there were two main groups of people, Jews and Gays, both outcasts, both suffered not because of what they have done, but because of who they are. There, their sufferings and their cry before God became intertwined. The sufferings of the Gays together with Jews His chosen people, touched God. God's blessings, the blessings of Abraham, the promises of God, through Abraham became theirs as well. Just as the Gays suffered with the Jews, the blessings of God flowed to the Gays. The Jews got back their land, and their city, and the Gays got back their identity as human beings and not as pyshco cases.

Today, we weep for Jerusalem, we weep for the Jews who died at Auschwitz, and for the many Gays who died there. But we rejoice because out of Auschwitz, out of great sufferings, God has heard the cries of both Jews and Gays. Just as God is rebuilding Jerusalem, to gather the outcast of Israel, He will gather the Gays to himself, He will build them up, to heal them and bind their wounds.

At Auschwitz, Gays became intertwined with the in suffering and hope of the Jewish people, and in God's blessings. Just as they look forward to the new Jerusalem, God will give Gays a special place in that eternal city of God. In the last days, both the Jews and the Gays will return Home and be welcomed into Jerusalem.

The welcome of Gays into Jerusalem, the Holy City of God, should be something that the mega church Christians in Singapore should be keenly aware of. Out of Jerusalem, the trumpet has sounded. It will be a year of Jubilee for the GLBT tribe to enter the House of God. It is no use fighting the plans and purpose of God.

The desert rain has come upon Jerusalem that makes a path in the wilderness bringing the river of God to the GLBT community. Blessed is the Lord God of Israel.


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