Grace and protection is mine


1 Sam 17:47 All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the LORD saves; for the battle is the LORD’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.”

A group of Iranian agents failed in their religious agenda to kill Jewish diplomats in Bangkok. There appears to be a spiritual covering protecting the Jews as the agents failed in a most comical manner when their explosives exploded "accidentally" at their rented house ripping off the roof top. In the ensuing mayhem, fleeing from the police, one of the Iranians had its legs blown off when the grenade he threw bounced back to him. There must have been an angel sent by God in this "City of Angels" orchestrating the strange incident.

Out from the closet of strict religious laws of this faith where even gays are put to death, the agents were enjoying themselves first in Patayya and then in Bangkok "escorted" by prostitutes with alcohol in hand. They must have been blending in with other tourists.

The three agents from the religious state are:-

  • Saeid Moradi

  • Mohammad Kharzei

  • Masoud Sedaghatzadeh

They had "hung" out with several prostitutes who are now assisting the Thai police with the case. They have had a good time. In the greatest irony, it is the prostitutes who are now the witness to their case. God surely have a sense of humour.

God is a covenant God and is protecting Israel from harm, a people exiled from their land returning two thousand years later through the grace of God. Whilst some Christians are advocating for Jerusalem to be returned to the Palestinians, they can't change history nor the stories of the religious faith experiences of the Jews. Sometimes we can't just ignore the biblical historical narratives nor entirely spiritualized it.

The religious faith and covenant that God had with Israel is tightly interlinked with Jerusalem. They had denied Jesus, the Messiah sent to them by God, crucified Him outside the gates of the city, whence for two thousands they too became exiles and suffered horrendously in the Roman state (aka Europe). The time of mourning has passed, and the time of the gentiles in Jerusalem is over.

The sufferings of the Jews and gays became interlinked in the concerntration camps in Germany druing World War Two. Hitler, a good catholic, sent millions of Jews to their deaths simply because they were Jews. He had also sent thousands of gays to the Death camps. His satanic driven rage was against the Jews and gays.

Therefore, after Israel became a state in 1948, gays had much more freedom than in the surrounding Arab states. The Arab gays would escape into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for their redemption to escape death in their own religious state. Gay rights came out of the depths of Holocaust when hitherto Berlin in the 1930s was a mecca for gay rights before the rise of Nazism. At the concerntration camps, the sufferings of gays and Jews became interlinked, and so is their coming redemption.

 Evil is both within and without. When anti-gay organizations such as Focus on the Family and NOM, tried to associate the Nazi party with homosexuality with a notion of the Pink Swastika (in order to condemn gays), the cry from the blood of the hundred thousand gays who died a horrible death in the concentration camps at the hands of the Nazi rises up to heaven for justice and recompense. We inadvertantly linked ourselves as Christians with the sins of Nazi Germany.

Why does the Christian Right has almost a demonic inspired rage against gays? making up agendas of harm? because Christianity has become legalistic and law bound with a deep seated sense of self righteousness which is contrary to the grace of God.

The rainbow flag of gays is no co-incidence because it represents the grace of God, the rainbow color of God's love, grace and mercy. It is in Christ, in the ark of the covenant, in that unsinkable boat that Noah built being a type of Jesus that allows us to rise above the storms of life to see the grace of God.

Although many would like to deny it, we are all caught in a spiritual battle. Satan is searching for whom to devour whether we believe it or not. We are weak one way or another, our strenghts often becoming our weakness. For example, the zeal for Christians for evangelism turned to become an anti-gay crusade.

God almighty, protect us in your grace and mercy, send your angels to cover over us, and may Your Holy Spirit guide us in power and might through the truth revealed in Jesus Christ, our Lord amd saviour. 

Grace and protection is our heritage in Jesus Christ. We need to pray like never before.








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