When the sin of hypocrisy reigns, grace abounds much more

What is actually meant by the term “Family Values”? The term “Family Values” is deliberately vague and used by Christians to argue for marriage just because the couples were heterosexual, and to put gays into prisons because they were against “moral” values. The California State Assemblymen, Michael Duvall, was given a 100% rating by the Capital Resources Institute for “time and time again, [voting] to protect and preserve family values in California.” for his role against gays in Proposition 8 and anti-gay voting record. We now have the actual definition for family values, they had wanted to keep all the sex, 100% of it for themselves, even to the extent of boasting to each other of their straight sexual infidelity whilst condemning gays, the least and weakest minority in the community, who wanted marriage to strengthened their relationships.

On 08 Sept 09, it was first reported Mr Duvall’s conversation of his detailed sexual exploits and affairs was recorded inadvertently in a televised appropriations committee meeting 08 July 09 during a break. Duvall who is married with two children, boasted to his Republican colleagues of his intimate sexual affairs with his mistresses including:-

  • “She wears little eye-patch underwear,”
  • “So, the other day she came here with her underwear, Thursday. And so, we had made love Wednesday–a lot! And so she’ll, she’s all, ‘I am going up and down the stairs, and you’re dripping out of me!’ So messy!”
  • I’m getting into spanking her,”
  • “She goes, ‘I know you like spanking me.’ I said, ‘Yeah, that’s ’cause you’re such a bad girl.”‘

Amazingly, there was no holy indignation or repulsion by his “family values” republican representatives listening to the sordid sexual details in the Assembly where Duvall would surely have bragged about on many occasions even though the mere mention of homosexuality would raise their voice and their displeasure at the apparent immorality by gays. They seemed to enjoy the lucid heterosexual sex acts details. Therefore, Christian family values mean that having extra marital affairs is OK as long as it is heterosexual and stayed hidden. It only becomes a moral issue when they were caught red handed. The problem is not one person; it is the conservative religious Christians.

Jesus had little good to say about such religious hypocrites (Mat 23:13-15), who demand that others abide to the smallest measure of the law, whilst they themselves transgressed in the most serious matter. Claiming to be righteous, their self righteous indignation railed against the Gay community in the Proposition 8 with lies and half truths filled the airways, emails, advertisements, and robotic phone calls. Now we know why they were so fervent about their indignation against gays – they wanted to find a scapegoat, someone whom they reconciled and rationalized as much more sinful than them to justify what they were doing as acceptable. It is a necessary delusion to justify and to hide their own sins.

(Mat 23:33 NKJV) "Serpents, brood of vipers! How can you escape the condemnation of hell?

The Religious Christian Conservatives may be sincere, but the harm they caused like serpents and vipers, cunning and always taking advantage of the weak, should not imagine that they could and should so easily escape judgment just because of the grace of God.

A blog site advocating Pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation Church teaching on Grace once remarked that Homosexuality was a Sin, and his recommendation is for gays to attend New Creation Church and be changed by this message of God’s grace and love. The arguments rest solely on a presumption and biased interpretation that Homosexuality was a sin, when the bible clearly put it in the context of religious idol worship. Same sex orientation was not the issue. Homosexual sex was viewed with disdain not because of any family values, for they had much more rampant sex orgies with women. In their male patriarchy culture, women were objects owned for pleasure and procreation. Sex between men, destroys the cultural status of men as superior to that of women, for when a man have sex with another man, who is the man, and who is the woman? the top versus the bottom? It was also highly unnatural for straight men to have sex with men and they did so because of the fervency of their religious faith to worship these fertility gods.

How can the Christian church escape from condemnation just as the Pharisees did not escape the condemnation of hell! The author of that blog site thought he was benevolent and showing grace to the gay community, and indeed his views on gays were mild compared to the extreme views on imprisoning gays held by the COOS, and NCCS. Yet, a sin is a sin, whether big transgressors like COOS, or small sins against gays committed by almost every single church and by every Christian. For it is done in the name of Christ over the last 1000 years. If such reckless and harmful ways be condoned in the name of the Christian faith, then where is the measure of justice and righteousness?

We have misrepresented Christ’s love, grace, and compassion. We have replaced it with hatred and persecution against the gay community which one day every loose word against the gay community may surely be bought to judgment. It is the church that needs God’s Amazing grace to be forgiven and not for the church to show grace to “live and let live”. Gays are not there to educate us about grace or about forgiveness nor be our sacrificial lamb.

Have we been guilty of committing the greatest of sins whilst condemning gays for something that should have never been considered a sin in the very first place! Jesus mentioned the adultery and divorce committed by the Pharisees, and in the same sentence talks about gays saying that they would not have any such problems being not naturally attracted to the seduction of women (Mat 19:9-12). They would be born as gays, right from their mother’s womb not being attracted to women. It would be a natural orientation since birth. Jesus mentioned these little gay children, for the church will one day forbid the innocent ones who we will have condemned harshly and prevented from coming to Him just because they were gays (Mat 19:13-14).

The greatest sin of the church is not hypocrisy, nor even the failure of omission to preach and show God’s love, salvation, and compassion to the outcasts. Our greatest sin is perhaps condemning the innocent and preventing them from receiving Christ, His love, and Grace. We reached the point of understanding God’s grace when we realized how great are our transgressions and harm that we have committed against the gay community and the great measure and depth of God’s grace and mercy we have received in His Son, Jesus Christ, to forgive us.

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