God's Abominations


The condemnation by some Christians againsts gays is typically summed up by a view that homosexuality is an abomination according to the Word of God. Despite being ordained, the bible colleges they come from would not have been particularly blibical.

Not all sins are equal. Jerusalem had pride in their over abundance, and didn't care for justice for the weak, yet for God their greatest sin was spiritual abominations and being the harlot going after other gods and demonic beings. Because ultimately, God looks at our heart, our loyalty to Him which is the first and primary commandment.

In Eze 8:9, the Lord asked Ezekial to go in to the temple to see the wicked abominations they were doing there. But there were no gay orgies by gay people in the temple!

Instead, when Ezekiel went to the temple in Eze 8:10, he saw all the idols and abominable beasts. They were rather inclusive to accept all the gods.

What was surprising was that the 70 elders of the house of Israel were leading the worship of the idols in the temple of God itself. There was a failure in leadership to lead the people in the way of righteousness.

Leaders whose heart are loyal to Jesus alone and do not worship themselves or any other gods is central to any church seeking a spiritual annointing and a strong presence of God to comfort and heal the congregation.

The elders may have justified their worship by claiming that they worshiping a god of many names, which comes in the many forms and traditions may allow. But it was pure spiritual harlotry (Eze 16:15) of Israel offering herself willingly to worship every kind of demonic beings and fallen angels. At least they were inclusive and not selective!

What are the faith practices of worshipping the demonic beings. It was sacrificing life, the new borns, and having anal sex with the temple priests so that the essence of the demon comes into the faith worshipers. Same sex relationships had nothing to do with biblical abominations.

Why was God so harsh bringing quick condemnation and judgement against Israel, for in most countries today even in the main churches, idols based on the various faiths (including Christian faith) are common? because Israel was under the Mosaic Covenant before the Cross of Calvary. We are under the dispensation  grace and not the law.

Why are some Christians so quick to condemn gays as an abomination against the bible? because they are living under  the law in a sin consciousness even though saved by God's grace. In our sin consciousness, we only see the sin of others amplified many times until we call what was not a sin, a sin.

Why are gay churches struggling to overcome condemnation? because the words and curses by these anti-gay Christians have incredible power and authority. The shame and self condemnation it produces kills the spirit and faith in Jesus Christ, resulting in a gulf as if God had abandoned us.

We don't battle in the carnal, but in the spirit. But the condemnation of gays has been so effective that we tend to look inwards and worship our own humanity until we mold God in our own image instead of conforming to Jesus Christ.

Many gay christian leaders don't believe in the Gospel of eternal salvation, the existence of hell, nor the existence of demonic angels. We consider ourselves thinking with bible college degrees but hide ourselves in the sand, because there is much darkness.

In Eze 16, a comparison to Jerusalem's spiritual and physical adultery to worship other gods was compared to being more wicked than Samaria and Sodom. How can it be more wicked that than the gay orgies (alleged by some) at Sodom?

The sin of Sodom was that they worshipped Satan in abomination (Eze 16:50) but it was localised. The root cause was the same as Jerusalem - pride in themselves, having too good a life, and didn't care of the poor in their midst.  But the sin of Sodom was not injustice per say, but abomination in worshiping idols.

God destroyed Sodom without much grace nor mercy because they were not under the Abrahamic Covenant for whom unconditional blessings were given to Jerusalem that even though they had sinned over and over again by worshipping other gods, God sent his prophets and was long suffering.

Ezekiel spoke of an everlasting covenant (Eze 16:60-63) apart from the Mosaic Covenant which came by grace in Jesus Christ. Christ became our everlasting atonement, our sin offering to God.

Under the Mosaic Covenant, under Law, we become expert at sinning against the law, and become lawless, proud that we are not the sinner, and failed to provide justice and equality.

Under the religious law, the weak and outcasts will be oppressed. Religion is not necesarrily about love, but adherance to religous laws and the punishment for non compliance.

However, under the everlasting covenant in Jesus Christ, we become expert in God's grace, mercy and love, being quick to give justice to those who have been wronged having their basic rights violated.  It is an everlasting covenant, because Jesus died once and for all, for our sins, yesterday, today, and tommorow.

At the end in Eze 16:63, God provided an atonement for all the spiritual adultery that Jerusalem had committed. He sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to be an everlasting covenant. Under Law, we know God as a harsh discipline master. Under grace, we know the heart for God - His grace, mercy and long suffering to the nations.








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