Believing God again in His grace


The harm that Christianity has done to the GLBT people has caused many to doubt, to dish the bible as inspired by God, and to stay away from God. We pull a blanket over the bible, and cover it up with reasoning of myths, tradition, and human intellect because we find it hard to believe in Jesus.

There were two main respondents to the challenge of Christian faith by Paul. For the thinkers in Athens, we have issues with the resurrection, and Jerusalem had issues with Jesus being God almighty not just a spiritual Godly person.

Both are show stoppers to the Christian faith, yet in modern times these have been added in as tares to the wheat, and we have given up on a supernatural faith and reality. What is good and what is corrupted is hard to tell.

The safe message are given by some GLBT churches that God is love, thus reducing the bible and taking away the amazing reality of creation, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the future coming back of Jesus.

The Gospel foundation of Christianity is all swept under the carpet of love to make this place on earth a better place in light of the harm caused by Christians. To love becomes our mantra when there is so much hate and rejection. This is also not wrong in a harsh religious law based faiths.

Is it possible to love for the sake of love, and did Jesus asked us to love as an action and effort on our own? Before Jesus death at the Cross, He gave the commandment to His disciples to love each other that the Jews would know that they were Jesus' disciples.

The Jews were reciting the shema of Israel of loving God, and loving others being reflected in loving God hence fulfiling the law. Therefore, instead of focusing on the religious law, Jesus asked His disciples to focus on love.

However it was an epic failure to love one another. When Jesus was captured, they all left and did not stand by their master. Jesus was betrayed by Judas for money, and Peter denied Jesus three times.

So love had failed by their own effort even though it was a commandment. Peter went away sobbing, and Judas killed himself as a form of self righteousness taking an action to redeemed himself. Judas should have waited a few days later when Jesus rose from the death to find redemption.

Peter waited and Jesus met Peter at the beach after the resurrection, and Peter sobbing bitterly knowing that he had failed to love Jesus, received the power to love again, in the power of grace to forgive sins in Jesus resurrection. If Jesus had not resurrected, Peter would never be released from his sin and self condemnation.

We can never be fully released from the sin of condemnation spoken over us as gays, the words and actions of harm, and the deep injury caused, by mere human efforts and affirmation.

I have seen many Gay christians coming into inclusive churches, and the message that was given was that God loves you, and so please accept yourself and love others, and be part of the commonwealth army.

I wonder whether this is all vanity in the long term, and a bandaid in the short term. We are not talking about a rapidly growing ministry into a mega church, but simply giving space and an altar for people to meet Jesus.

It some circles, it would be a sacrilage to even mention that Jesus is speaking to us, or that we heard from God. We are to use our human intellect instead of venturing onto the supernatural. Humanity and our intellect has become our god in a world where faith has been often abused to cause grave harm.

The Christian faith and the bible can be broken down to three major parts:-

a. Jesus Christ with God the Father in creation, the rock who was with the Jewish people, the "I AM", separated from all other gods, and the plan to redeem mankind from Satan.

b. Jesus Christ, God in heaven coming to earth. His death and resurrection for our redemption apart from the laws of Moses for which one can find no redemption through ourselves.

c. Jesus Christ, His presence in our midsts by the Holy Spirit of God where two or three are gathered in His name, ie remembering His death and resurrection and His miraculous works. His ultimate return to Jerusalem to usher in a new heavenly kingdom of born again believers.

Hence, the full Gospel is not only the outward encouragement to love and to do no harm, but to give space to God to work in the lives of people in the Christ centered power of:-

a. Creation from darkness into light, to make something beautiful out of our darknes.

b. Resurrection from death and defeat, when our lives are no more.

c. Hope of Glory in supernatural victory in eternity and in this life with an overcoming faith against the demonic principalities.

Our Christian faith seems futile without the power of creation, resurrection, and presence of God against our spiritual enemies. We may sooth our modern intellect to see creation, resurrection, and eternal glory as only myths and tradition, but people need the Lord. The forces of darkness opposing us remains whether or not we believed in them.

We can only minister to the GLBT community effectively when we consistently give space, time, and altar for Jesus to bring the power of creation, resurrection, and supernatural presence/glory in our own lives from the throne room of heaven.

In truth, we can't really minister to the GLBT community. The harm is too deep, too wide, and the lost too much. We can only present Christ who does the work when we give Him all the glory and honour.  




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