Gays causing global warming says some christians


(Exo 23:7 NKJV) "Keep yourself far from a false matter; do not kill the innocent and righteous. For I will not justify the wicked.

The Register newspaper in UK reported that at the Climate change conference in Fiji, there were reports by Samoan church pastors that global warming are caused by gays. The Fiji Times reported on 18 Sep 2010 that “CHURCH ministers must be educated on climate change, according to USP student Shaiza Janif: "We need to educate our ministers and not turn this into an agenda," she said. Earlier in the week, the conference heard that the ministers had blamed homosexuals for climate change in Samoa.”.

Where is Samoa? Samoa is a series of Islands in the Pacific having an area of 2800 sq km, with a population of 179,000. The nominal GDP per capita is USD 3,000. 98% of Samoans are said to be Christians with the Christian Congregation Church of Samoa having 36% total attendance followed by the Catholic and Methodist churches.

There must be a large majority of Gays in Samoa that God might be angry as to flood the nation through global warming just as in the book of Genesis. However, many religious people would doubt whether gays do exist in Samoa since it is illegal and the country is nearly 100% Christian. Why then would God be angry? Perhaps God is angry at the self righteous Christian Pastors there.  

The argument that gays cause global warming by Christian conservatives contradicts their assertion that global warming does not exist in the first place. They claim that 1 or 2 degrees rise in average temperature has no impact and they could continue to fully utilize the earth’s resources. The Christian Post reported on May 16, 2008, “Christians Launch Campaign against Global Warming Hype” that global warming is natural temperature fluctuations and not caused by humans. Therefore, it can’t be about gays.

Sadly the impact of Global warming is real and it impacts Africa the most where a Christian revival is happening. In Africa, the global warning is best seen in the rapidly disappearing lake Chad which was a source of life for the surrounding countries. Famine is a grim reality facing Africa and Christians are living in denial, blaming gays again, and not taking ownership.

Blaming gays for our sins of not taking care of the earth and over using the fossil fuels in the developed nations such as USA and Europe does not make the problems disappear. We continue to see extreme weathers in many countries from heat wave in Russia to massive floods in Pakistan.



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(from Wikipedia)

The Christian Right with their prosperity theology in USA and Europe has been a major cause of the global warming because this theology of a hundred fold harvest rationalizes the mass conversion of the earth’s natural resources into wealth in our bank accounts. We may end up destroying the Earth. We are hoarding up wealth and having so much unnecessary goods rather than having just enough to survive and having a modest roof over our head.

A hundred fold returns does not come out of thin air but consuming the earth’s natural resources and destroying the natural environment. It means more farmland, usage of water, and destruction of forest. The large American deficit is a reflection that the Americans had lived like kings with the world over producing so many goods to support them.

Perhaps, it is already too late with other countries wanting the lifestyle of Americans - China (and soon India) now surpassing USA as the greatest polluter and insisting their right for industrialization as the Western Countries had done almost condemning us to a terrible fate. These countries are over populated and requires constant growth (to avoid increased in unemployment) and hence utilization of the Earth’s natural resources to feed this growth.

 Why are Christians so anxious to blame gays and to deny the existence of global warming? Because they fear that it will undermine the bible. We have followed the bible’s instruction to populate the earth too well not realizing that we are now over populated and over polluted. The end was to come in a battle between good and evil rather than self destruction. We can blame gays for our self destruction just like Sodom and Gomorrah inviting the wrath of God for the raping the weak, and living in denial. 

(Psa 50:10 NKJV) For every beast of the forest is Mine, And the cattle on a thousand hills.

In order to feed the population of the earth we have too many cattles on a thousand hills.  As the wealth of the nations increases, meat and dairy products are consumed at an increasing rate. Lifestock (especially manure from cows) accounts for 10% of the carbon dioxide but more than 65% of the world's nitrous oxide being more than 300 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. Adding to this issue is the fact that more forest is turned into grazing land.

At the end it is our prosperity theology and not gays represented by our uncontrolled appetite for wealth and a rich lifestyle that is causing global warming. The rich will become richer whilst the poor suffers the impact of the global warming of harsh weather conditions. If we are all like Abraham, Lot, and David having thousands of livestock (each a producer of CO2 and Nitrous Oxide cuasing global warming), the end is near. No wonder Jesus came to Earth having not much but just the clothing He wore and sandals. He had few other belongings and even no house to live in.

During the Pakistan floods, where hundreds of thousands were left homeless, we pray to God for their "salvation". It may not be God's call, for when we look around us in Singapore, there are few forest areas left, and Singaporeans like to eat, not once a day but at least 4 times a day, eating lots of meat for we are a wealthy nation. We blame gays or claim that Global warming does not exist for there is no easy solution.


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