How religion treat gays unjustly!


The website Gay has reported that 3 men have been executed in Iran on 24 Jan 2010 for allegedly raping a boy in 2007. The alleged rape is most probably indicative of a homosexual relationship. The decision to hang gays is reflective of the prevailing religious fundamentalism in the Middle East which has become the yeast to impact entire religions (Mark 8:15). Why don't they hanged the men in Iran for having adulterous affairs or the women having abortions? Does'nt heterosexuality lead to adultery, divorce and abortion?

Perhaps Christianity in Singapore is slightly better, seeking only to put gays in prison for having sex with people of the same gender not that gays are causing harm in anyway or insisting that Christians do likewise. Any comparisons by Christians of same sex relationships to pedophilia is simply absurd and irrelevant labelling. Alleging that gays caused family breakdown is also far fetched when it is straight couples who go for divorce, commit adultery or go for abortions.

Why are Christians so eager to blame gays, and have kill gay bills as seen in Uganda! where Christian Fundamentalist in America are funding organizations to put gays to death!. In uncivilized tribal Africa where our animal instincts rules, we see the true colors of religious fundamentalism.

The very existence of Gays is troubling to the Christian Right who insists on a very dogmatic and fixed rules to God. Gays simply deconstruct their religious faith because it alludes to something fundamental that many would like to deny - that God is a rainbow God, full of variety, full of love, grace, mercy and compassion. Their God is a God of strict and merciless judgement unable to give grace.

For the Christian Right, gays must be killed or persecuted, because it reminds them of their own sins! For in the bible, the Pharisees were after the prostitutes even though they would have likely used their services and many women were forced into prostitution because they had no choice and were probably divorced by the Pharisees.

Why are Christians in general so vary about sex and the sexual "sins" of others! It is not because of underlying homophobia but because of a guilt conscience which is effectively cleansed by placing their sins upon the poor innocent gay lamb to be slaughtered on their behalf. The problem with animal sacrifices is that it is never permanent and you have to find new scapegoats every year!

In Singapore, there are 12,000 abortions every year. If Christians were so concerned about morality and sexual sins causing harm to the family, why don't we make it a major issue and ask for abortions to be banned in Parliament! Alas, we have put all of our sins on the innocent lamb to be killed and we claiming the high moral ground of righteousness. Even worst, we call homosexuality the same sin as any other sin but do not call heterosexuality as such nor do we put such a great emphasis and insist on the law to persecute other sins such as adultery or abortion.

The root sin of the Christian Church is their religious self righteousness. It is time for Christians to stop imposing their faith on others, and be fair minded and just in how they deal with others in a consistent manner! How we judge others through false witness, will ultimately come back to judge us. Our hypocrisy will only impact the image of our faith and how others perceived it.

It is interesting that in Aware's attempted take over by the Church of Our Saviour, they had to dig deep into the sexual education course to find an implicating evidence against Aware! when Aware's support of women's rights including abortion was not even mentioned! However, if they had used the issue of abortion, they would have unlikely to gain any support amongst Christians, for

(John 8:7 NASB) But when they persisted in asking Him, He straightened up, and said to them, "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."

 The abortion laws in Singapore are one of the most liberal in Asia, yet few would complain because 95% of Singaporeans are straight and we seldom look at our own sins and reflect before accusing others of the smallest sin. Alas, no one wants to open a new orphanage for 12,000 kids every year who would have been otherwise been aborted even for a mega church. Better to build a mega church building!

Perhaps, the solution lies in getting gays to adopt the children who would otherwise have been aborted..... maybe that's God's plan afterall but our religion hinders God from saving these children.



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