Obama - the "first gay president"



Judges 6: 28 And when the men of the city arose early in the morning, there was the altar of Baal, torn down; and the wooden image that was beside it was cut down, and the second bull was being offered on the altar which had been built. 29 So they said to one another, “Who has done this thing?” And when they had inquired and asked, they said, “Gideon the son of Joash has done this thing.”

At the deepest time of darkness, the time for change is often around the corner. Even when gay marriage was already banned in North Carolina, they wanted to engrave into all eternity by amending the very constitution which supposed to protect the basic rights of the US Citizen. The very next day after the passing of the anti-gay amendment when we seemingly were heading back to days of hostility against gays, a new glimmer of hope rose from the east in Washington DC when Obama finally announced that he supports Gay marriage after a decade of ambiguity.

Obama has torn down the American Idol, our Baal, where we worship our religious self righteousness based on a religious cultural hierachal structure of male supremacy.  It is a brave stance against the church hierachal.

Some criticised the Obama administration from diverting the attention from Job creation which is strange since they have been using Gays as a battle cry for support with anti-gay article a common feature in each daily publication of Christian Post. What is conservative in America is now no longer defined in the belief that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, rather what two men does in private. Jesus is no longer important for even Romney, who claims to be Christian yet who worships the angel Moroni lifted high above Salt Lake City is considered righteous and holy just because he was anti-gay and pro-family whatever that means.

Some Christians have been fighting a seemingly losing war with the increasing losses in California and New York, and needed to stem the tide of defeat where even the ex-gay conferences by Exodus have had to be cancelled due to poor attendance. They have used rhetoric, theology inconsistent with the religious/cultural history, and even portrayed trans-genders (such as Sy Rogers) as gay men in order to extract the maximum repulsion and confusion. Alas with the coming out of gay men and women, their rhetoric could no longer hold.    

On 08 May 12, the North Carolina voted 61% to 39% to amend the constitution to state "marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State". The confusing language of the Amendment One vote meant that few realised that it would not only have banned Gay marriage but also civil unions. It was meant to deceive, to make a strong political statement when gay marriage was already effectively banned. It was draconian.

Being a very conservative state, the results were never in doubt, an attempt at a symbolic victory to gain the “moral victory” of claiming overwhelming public support when the percentage of overall support for gay marriage for the entire US nation has gained majority support for the first time in history.  North Carolina was also an attempt to use gays as a wedge issue to undermine Obama’s support by Blacks as the anti-gay fervour was driven in part by the black churches there. However, with Obama’s support for gay marriages, the Black churches are now compelled to re-evaluate their religious stance to remember that hitherto they too had suffered discrimination.

The victory parade of Amendment One against gays was thus over shadowed by the announcement that Obama has reached enlightenment. Using his faith based experiences of Jesus’ love commandments, he became the first sitting President to support gay marriage. It was a calculated risk for surely the black community will continue to support Obama, the hard liners will be against Obama anyway, but it would gain the increasing support of the younger generation for which the future holds.  

Obama’s opponent Romney is in a bind, eager to confirmed his conservative credentials by ramping up an anti-gay rethoric, but mindful of losing support by the younger voters or of distracting from a sure win platform of the poor economy. By entering into a debate on gay marriage, it will make it an election issue energizing the gay and younger voters to affirm again a real tangible change they can believe in. The GOP will find it hard to claim a moral high ground when their conservative candidate calls himself a Christian but worships the angel Moroni. It also turns the attention to Obama when the focus had been Mitt Romney gaining the GOP nomination.

Obama is facing a tough re-election. The gay marriage proclamation gives him a rare chance for victory to gain back a moral high ground when much hope has been lost. It is a victory for Liberal theology which has been facing increasing sharp falls in attendance of mainline churches supporting this theological approach. Obama talks about his faith, his family and the critical Christian reflection to come to a position on Gay marriage. Surely if we were pro-family, we will support Gay marriage for gay families matter too. It is the Harvard intellectuals that gave hope again to the outcasts of society - the other end of the scale.

We have reached the cross roads in history where there is no turning back in giving gays equality. Obama has given a Presidential stamp that “it gets better” for the hundreds of thousands of gay youths. At the end, it is a question raised by the Gallop Poll about “nature or nurture”. In 1977, it was said that 13% believed that Gays were born as such, with 56% believed that it is due to upbringing/nurturing. In 2012, this changed totally to 40% believing that gays are innate, and 35% due to upbringing. We go back to the biblical question of the Jewish Rabbi who called gays as the natural Eunuch (not man made Eunuchs) and as Jesus said born as such from their mother’s womb without attraction to the opposite sex in relation to the question on heterosexual adultery.

Judges 6:30 Then the men of the city said to Joash, “Bring out your son, that he may die, because he has torn down the altar of Baal, and because he has cut down the wooden image that was beside it.” 31 But Joash said to all who stood against him, “Would you plead for Baal? Would you save him? Let the one who would plead for him be put to death by morning! If he is a god, let him plead for himself, because his altar has been torn down!” 32 Therefore on that day he called him Jerubbaal,[e] saying, “Let Baal plead against him, because he has torn down his altar.”

We have made traditional marriage an idol which we worship by day but violate by night. If "traditional marriage" is deemed to be undermined by gays, let it defend herself. Let Baal defend her self. It doesn't change straight people going for abortions, and being involved in adultery. It doesn't change the divorce rates which has been rampant with the religious faith communities. Gays being 1/20 of the population a'int never going to impact the institution of marriage which have been made dysfunctional by people of faith when they go after gays instead of looking themselves in the mirror.

The idol is down, the idol is down, never again shall we come under her oppression. There is a spiritual power, an evil behind the opression of the outcasts, the weak and the defenceless. Just as a bull offering to God replaced the worship of Baal, the worship of carnal man,  may God show kindness and grace to Obama, the unlikely mighty man of valour who could have played it safe.    The Newsweek wanted to annoint Obama as the first "Gay President", for surely Obama has come out of his closet. He has led the way that we too may come out of our closets and begin to live again.

God is a good God. Jesus is good. He didn't leave the Gay community alone but He came back for His lost sheep. We will not be alone again - for He gave us our partners to share our lives with.



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