The fear of the Gay Homosexual


In July 2008, the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow reported that "Homosexual eases into 100 final" which was considered hilarious and a huge joke as this was meant to say "Gay" with reference to Tyson Gay, the American Sprinter. The Fundamentalist Christians has created a filter that changes all reference of Gays to Homosexuals. What is in a name? so much so that the word "Gay" can never be mentioned by Christians.

The notion of Gays are very threatening to Christians because it implies a human being, a human trait that goes far beyond same sex orientation. If Gays are a natural part of humanity, and a people group, it goes totally contrary to their Bible interpretation that homosexuality is somehow a sin. The very existence of Gays therefore implies that the bible can be wrong, and their faith in God impacted. Gays poses no harm to Christians, yet they go out of the way to criminalise gays, and ban same sex marriages, and limit the basic rights of gays. It has nothing to do with gays, it has to do with their struggles with the absolutes in their own Christian Faith. We are coming against gays for our own selfish intentions and agenda, and worst still justify it by claiming that they have a gay agenda against us. For the sake of our faith beliefs, we were willing to maintain a sinful lifestyle of proclaiming a false witness against gays.

On a Saturday afternoon, having tea at "Dome" in Bukit Bintang, Malaysia and observing the beautiful people along the busy sidewalks in the up-market shopping complexes in Kuala Lumpur, the Gay men can be quite easily distinguishable from the straight men by their dressing and mannerism. The Christian Fundamentalists calls it a choice - ie you are straight but choose to have homosexual sex, but clearly they were Gays by their very character and mannerism, just as a woman is thus not because she chose to be a woman. Having Same sex relationships come out of being gay, and not the other way around ie You don't become gay by having same sex relationship. Being straight or gay are naturally innate.

The Christian Fundamentalist is so fearful, because the anecdotal evidence that being gay as part of diverse humanity just as being straight is so strong, that it speaks for itself. You don't have to be a scientist or to argue this position. It is obvious as I observed the crowds streaming on the side walks on their way to the major KL shopping centeres. Therefore, Christians prefer to live in deception and false witness, with regard to gays, mindful that opening this pandora box may deconstruct the absolutes in their faith of biblical truths. This is Fear as opposed to Faith that we should have.

By continuing to ignore the existence of Gays (and saying that they are straight people with a homosexual tendency), it goes against the very essense of Christianity of Intergrity, Morality and Love.We can't as a faith community continue this sin and harm against gays because it will ultimately destroy the core meaning of our Faith. However, we can't also escape the consequence of our sinful actions and change our minds to declare "a live and let live" approach as Rev Kong Hee tried to do. The Law, the requirements of justice and recompense will catch up to us.

Gays only form 5 to 10% of society and because of the attitude of some like Pastor Rick Warren who claims that we can persecute gays because they are a small 1 or 2% of the population, we can take full advantage of them without reprisals since our entire Christian Faith is obviously more important. Gays are to be sacrificed on the altar of our idol worship of the bible and church traditions. Perhaps, gays are far too gentle by nature, like Gentle lambs rather than fighting till the end for their own rights being mindful that Christians will take advantage of them regardless.

it is precisely their "weakness" and small size that God's hand is there to protect them. No group in society is as much despised and condemned as the gay community. Some claim that gays are the "new Black" which is not insightful as Blacks were never considered as sinners on account of being black alone. God's eyes and heart are always on the outcasts, so dear to Him that He sent His son to be with them when He came down to earth. When we rise up against the gay community, their suffering and pain God hears and is grieved by.

Surely our Christian Faith has a stronger foundation in Christ death and resurrection, and a tangible experience of God's presence and a walking relationship that we do not need to worry about the existence of gays disrupting our harmonised theology. We may rationalised our crusade against gays, but the Holy Spirit will never be a part of our evil intentions, and at the end our relationship with God will be impaired. The sanctity and holiness of a Christian Faith and walk with God is so precious that it is not worth jeopradising by converting gays to homosexuals. When we do that, the core foundation of our faith will be undermined. Let us trust in God and live by Faith and not fear that we may be God's blessings of grace and mercy to the nations.

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