First World/ IMF 31 advanced countries and Gay Persecution



19 Sept 2007 - The Church in Singapore appears to have won the debate to maintain the criminalization of Gay Sex with upto 2 years for gross indecency between men under section 377a. A minority, yet very vocal and influential, the Christians have insisted that Gays must be criminalized and that Singapore has done well and prospered as a nation because of such strong moral foundation. Amongst the first world or IMF 31 advanced countries of whom Singapore is considered as, 97% of the nations have decriminalized Gay Sex with 3% still retaining in.This included the most religious and conservative "Christian" countries such as the United States. Even the Christian Right there which is so anti-gay have at the very least agreed to give gays the basic dignity and humanity of not sending them to jail. Are the Christians in Singapore more moral and righteousness than the rest of the World? not withstanding that we have no laws against consensual Prostitution, or now anal/Oral sex for non-gay people. Let us remember the

(Amos 5:23,24 NKJV) Take away from Me the noise of your songs, For I will not hear the melody of your stringed instruments. But let justice run down like water, And righteousness like a mighty stream.

The course of justice for the gay community has flowed down throughout the ages from the late 18th century where gay sex started to be decriminalized (after being made an offence by the church for the last 1000 years), and now it flows down the river getting stonger and stronger taking the nations with it even the most strongest religious nations such as Israel in 1988 and now it comes to a halt in Singapore!.The pressure and force of this river will be increasing because it is of the Lord. We may resist but ultimately it will overflow us and move on, for it has to.

Remember the warning of the Prophet Amos to let justice be executed lest God hears not our praise and worship even from our titanium churches and the best bands and speakers in the world that we invite. The last person in the musical chair suffers the penalty. Let us pray that there is still time to repent.


Country Homosexuality Illegal Legalized What Year?
Australia No 1990
Austria No 1971
Belgium No 1790
Canada No 1988
Cyprus No 1998
Denmark No 1930
Finland No 1971
France No 1791
Germany No 1969
Greece No 1951
Hong Komg No 1991
Iceland No 1940
Ireland No 1993
Israel No 1988
Italy No 1889
Japan No Never Illegal
Luxemburg No 1792
Netherlands No 1811
new Zealand No 1986
Norway No 1972
Portugal No 1852
San Marino No 1865
Singapore YES Soon?
Slovenia No 1977
South Korea No Never illegal
Spain No 1800s
Sweden No 1944
Switzerland No 1942
Taiwan No 1949?
United Kingdom No 1967
United States No 1962-2003












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