377a upheld - watchman churches rejoicing


As Christians in Singapore thanked God for upholding 377a which puts gays in prisons for 2 years, Pastor Lawrence Khong was adamant that he does not discriminate against gays, but only against their "lifestyle".

They are trying hard to sooth their conscience by asserting that they do not discriminate against gays when the FCBC together with Cornerstone Community church acted with animosity when the Government first declared in early 2000 that they will be employing gays in the government sector.

Sexual orientation is not a lifestyle choice but faith is. Differing opinions does not give us rights to deny others of their basic rights or to put them in prison which 377a seeks to do.

Essentially, 377a is a picture of Christians in Singapore trying to put gays not only in a physical prison, but a spiritual and emotional closet.

Why? because gays as so obviously innate that their existence contradict the churches legalistic interpretation of the bible where homosexuality is considered as sin. How could it be sin when it is a natural sexual orientation. Hence, the attempt to put gays out of sight, in prison, or to label it a chosen lifestyle.

Pastor Lawrence Khong of FCBC is not speaking as only an individual but the Senior Pastor of a mega church, the head of Love Singapore, and an apostle of NAR or New Apostolic Reformation. Hence, he is representing the body of Christ in Singapore and the wider body.

Pastor Khong said that he will not stand by passively to see "marriage and family become redefined in Singapore.", when gays are actually suporting marriage and monogamous relationships. When this basic right is taken away, their relationships are not founded on mutual covenants hence easily swayed.

Pastor Khong was adamant that the church is to be the moral watchman over the entry gates of Singapore. This is ironic, when he does not focus on the:-

  • Rampant prostitution by straight people at Geylang,

  • Abortions of more than 10,000 babies a year by straight people

  • Adultery, divorce, and children born out of wedlock by straight people

The watchman appears to be highly bias and selective, only seeing gays as the red flag but not 95% of the straight population. It is a false witness from a false watchman.

The church is setting a very low bar of judgement and scrunity which is not good. If gays are condemned under 377a which is unfair and unjust, surely, Pastor Khong Hee of City Harvest Church and 5 others currently under criminal investigation should be judged to the strictest letter of the law without mitigation.

We are asking to uphold the law, becareful that we ourselves may be judged by the law, as a church. There will be less rejoicing when we sow what we reap.

The strongman in the house must be bound before 377a is legalised, and that strongman is the legalistic law based theology of the christian churches in Singapore.

The jail doors are actually unlocked for gays in 377a as it is not proactively enforced, but the cell is still there. One day, judgement will come upon the church, and they will put the church in a closet and lock the door!

What we wish for others, will one one come back to be our own fate. So walk with God's love, grace and mercy, lest we err in judgement and take on the role of God.



FBCB Singapore 23 Apr 13

Thought of the week

Be God’s Watchmen!

While I was in Hong Kong, I was deeply encouraged when I received news that the High Court has upheld Section 377A of the Penal Code. I thank the Lord for answering our prayers, and I thank you, FCBC, for praying together as one united family. Indeed, your unceasing and persevering prayers before the Lord at the Prayer Tower have not been in vain. As many of you know, I do not discriminate against homosexuals. Although I do not agree with their lifestyle, I appreciate their talents and contributions, and have enjoyed working closely with them in many Gateway Entertainment productions. That being said, as an Extreme Disciple and loyal citizen of Singapore, I will do my utmost to resist the normalisation of this lifestyle in our society. FCBC, we cannot and will not passively watch marriage and family become redefined in Singapore. Let us continue to pray for our beloved nation, as we become God's watchmen for our land!

FCBC, I want to encourage you to sign up and attend the Momentum Conference from 30 Apr (Tue) to 1 May (Wed), where we will discuss “Family. Foundation. Future.” This topic is extremely important for the Body of Christ in Singapore. This two-day conference will help you better understand the battles and issues we must engage in to ensure that the family remains the strong foundation of our society, for the sake of our future generation. Together, let us as God’s watchmen, become planet shakers and history makers for the Kingdom of God! See you at Momentum 2013!



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