God's truth and sex


The Exodus East Asia in Malaysia through the PLUC is having their annual conference in KL and Penang on 10 and 12 Sep 12 with the theme "God's truth and sex". Supported by FGA KL, Exodus will be bringing their American firepower through a Dr Melvin Wong.

They are still intending to "heal and cure" gays through prayer when they should have tried harder with heterosexuals to prevent divorces and abortions.

The bible is clear on God's truth and sex - not the simple reading of these Christians, but on the strong religious pagan nature of heterosexual people of faith. Why blame gays?  for Roms 1:26,27?

The prevailing worship in Rome of the Syrian goddess Cybele was both male and female with a bearded face and a big breast. The male priests who serve the cults were castrated to mark the mourning of Cybele’s androgynous lover Attis. His death would be re-enacted by cutting themselves with stones, castrating themselves and putting on women's clothing.

Catherine Kroeger in “The Apostle Paul and the Greco-Roman cults Of Women” found in the Journal of the Evangelical Society details how these cults were often marked by gruesome sex exchanges.

Hence, it was a choice for the male priests to exchange their natural sexual orientation, to become a "women", and what Paul said was shameful was their role as the receipient of anal sex by the men who worship this goddess having now the role of a woman. By having sex with the castrated priests, the worshippers were having sex with the deity behind it, thus joined to the deity in one body and spirit.

Sex exchange was the personification of evil for Paul because it was an attack on God's order of nature, and undermines and distorts God's creation of man in His image. The deities were mocking God's creation by influencing the male priests to harm themselves and make themselves less than human or less than a man by being castrated.

It is interesting to note that Paul added to Lev 18:22, the prohibition of women having sex with women for Lev 18 was based on the worship of Molech which involves only males. However, in the context of Corinth where Paul was writing from, the goddess Aphrodite was worshipped. A thousand female slaves was said to serve at the temple at Corinth.

With the pretext of Rom 1:24,25, the term "natural" also speaks of being natural for us to worship God who created us and this world (Rom 1:20), and conversely unnatural for us to worship idols made by our own hands as if they were gods (Rom 1:23). The sex change of the priests in order to worship the idols was highlighted to emphasise the unnaturalness of worshipping man man idols.

The Righteousness of worshipping Christ was contrasted to the unrighteousness of worshiping demonic beings in the form of idols (Rom 1:17, to 1:23). They were exchanging the "glory of God" to the image of corruptible objects such as birds, bulls, calfs, and snakes.

When Paul went back to the beginning of time (Rom 1:20-22), for the Jew, it was a poingnant reminder of the worship by ancient Jews of Egyptians and Cannanite gods where they worship the god molech and sacrificed to it.

The god Molech just as the goddess Cybele in Rome was very sexual in nature requiring its male priests to be castrated and "become" a woman so that they could be the receipient of the anal sex from the straight men and wear women's clothing. They had to, for these were macho straight men who only had sex with women.

In Rom 2:1, Paul was hinting that the Jews practised the same unrighteous actions for their ancestors had done so.

Paul was quoting the prophet Jeremiah (Jer 2:7, 2:11) and reminded the Jews how they had not changed and had continued to worship idols just like their forefathers even though claiming to worship God.

In the 21st century, we have distorted the bible truths and the teaching of Paul - to frame it to support our ex-gay push. It becomes a message of deception to blame gays causing harm and deaths and hurting the Gospel message.

There is a calling and move of God for a Rainbow Harvest where we go out to catch the Rainbow Fish. For the Kingdom of God is coming near to those who believe Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

The Kingdom of God is coming to the Rainbow tribe. It's time to go out into the Harvest field. The ex-gay movement has caused death and destruction. We have to bring healing and revival.

It's time to build up strong local churches to outreach to the GLBT community that will focus on Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.


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