Evolution - a science fiction of Arthur C Clarke

Link to death of Hal 9000 (he was resurrected in the next show by the aliens)

Once a while, we would hear scientist proclaiming that they found the missing link in the evolutionary part explaining the way humans come to evolve from mere microbes. The scientists do not say it aloud, but in their books and movies, the missing link is much more profound than a missing skeleton of some long lost ape or animal.

a. There is no scientific or calculated process by which one species evolved to another. There are gene mutations but these are random and often not long lasting and detrimental. In Darwin's theory is not about mutation but preserving or enhancing those genes of the fittest creature. Yet, no such scientic enhancements or process of selection of genes exists. An external factor was required to "mix" or evolved the genes.

b. The notion of consciousness or self actualization, to plan, organize, dream dreams, and have a basic morality and humanity cannot be easily explained.

We are left with bone fragments, and a hypothesis that these creatures must have evolved over millions of years yet having found no mechanism to achieve this evolution.

For example, we may see a truck load of resources - metal, silicon, rubber, various minerals, and oils, and found a few ancient Word War two aircrafts and one Boeing 747. Did the raw materials evolved to be the small WWII fighter planes, and then further evolved to the giant Boeing 747 jet propelled passenger airplane. Could the raw materials reoginized themselved, and undergo the necesarry electrical, mechanical and industrial processing  over time by just being there for million of years.

The issue here is that to evolve from one state to another requires a far more superior and intelligent being to be involved. These puzzle is often missed out by queer theologians which are keen to leveraged on these credential scientist to criticize the bible but do not take a step back as thinking Christians.

 They knew there had to be a super intelligent being - even far superior than humans, and instead of having faith in a God of creation, they believed that aliens caused it. In the film "2001: A Space Odyssey" co-written by the famous scientist Arthur C. Clarke, many of these ideas were consolidated.

  a. The story of the dawn of man in the movie, with the apes touching an alient black monolith and there after quickly learning to use tools and to kill for food or to defend one's territorry. When the apes touched the monolith, it set of a chain reaction in creation of evolution to a new man.

b. The Jupitor Mission in the American space ship "Discovery One" with a computer programme called "Hal 9000" which although programmed by men was quickly gaining self actualization as earlier seen with the apes. The computer was given conflicting instructions to protect the men yet was not told to reveal the true intent of the mission which was to examine a black monolith now mysteriously appearing in one of the moons of Jupiter.

The mission to one of the moon of Jupiter where the black monolith of ancient times reappeared again, signalled the start of another evolutionary process.


Evolution is like a science fiction story of the famous Arthur C Clarke who in the 80s became well known for his television programmes Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World. His profound contribution to science occured in 1945 when he proposed the satellite communication system.

Clarke denied any form of religion until the very end. His funeral instruction reads "Absolutely no religious rites of any kind, relating to any religious faith, should be associated with my funeral". Perhaps his revolt at the harm caused by Christianity in the last 2000 years caused him to reject God.

 Clarke was a unique character. A RAF flight Lieutenant at the end of the War, he went on to graduate First Class in Science and Mathematics at Kings College, London.

Clarke was also gay.  According to Michael Moorcock "Everyone knew he was gay. In the 1950s I'd go out drinking with his boyfriend. We met his proteges, western and eastern, and their families, people who had only the most generous praise for his kindness. Self-absorbed he might be, and a teetotaller, but an impeccable gent through and through."  

Clarke was at least ingenious and had acknowledged that creation involved an external force. He did not believe in God. He did not believe in Jesus for the church was extremely anti-gay when he grew up in Britain than he had to shift to Sri Lanka.

Clarke did not find the answers in the past and therefore looked to the future for the imminent arrival of aliens. Yet, it did not come. But the answer is actually looking into the past, in the time angels and demons roamed the land along with the off springs which were mighty men.

These men didn't evolved to become giants, for they were off springs of the deities giving them extra ordinary powers. The stories of ancient greece may not be all folktales for there were supernatural humans on earth.

We are so fearful of facing an ancient past of powerful angelic and demonic beings,of spiritual forces battling in the heavenlies, because we have a luvvy duvvy form of Christianity where everything is about love and going good works. It makes our faith easier to manage.




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