Why Eddie Long was not condemned by Christian Post



Mat 19:3 The Pharisees also came to Him testing Him, and saying to Him, "It is lawful for a man to divorce his wife for just any reason?"

Mat 19:9 And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife .... and marries another, commits adultery..."

John 8:11 She said "No one Lord", and Jesus said to her "neither do i condemn you, go and sin no more"

The Senior Pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor Eddie Long has been divorced. His wife of 21 years Vanessa Long has filed for divorce citing that she  "is entitled to a divorce upon grounds that the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken, there being no hope of reconciliation of the parties, and it being in the best interest of all parties concerned that this marriage be terminated by divorce."  

The Christian Post article "Eddie Long Takes Break From Megachurch Amid Divorce Filing " on 04 Dec 2011 by Michelle A. Vu reported the news but did not condemn the divorce proceedings.

Eddie Long is part of the same conservative Christian Right movement as the Christian Post and was a well known for his preaching against gays. We often give exceptions to our own big sins, whilsts the small sins of others we expand, just as Christian Post does a constant job of posting anti-gay articles 365 days of the year for the last 10 years. Yet, we see not one article condeming Eddie Long despite the fact that divorce was mentioned by Jesus as being a sin whilst Jesus kept quiet on gays.

I am reminded of the Pharisees with their mighty religious indignation wanting the prostitute to be put to death and testing Jesus for they knew he would be sympathetic. What did did Jesus write on the rock, on the ground that pricked their conscience? He likely have reminded them their own more dire sins. When Jesus was talking about divorces, it was specifically in the context of condeming the Pharisees.

When Jesus said to the woman, go and sin no more, there such sweetness and tenderness and a big contrast to the religious bible believing Pharisees who wanted her dead. This was contrasted to the Pharisees who had earlier left the scene one by one, their religious moral indignation against the woman silenced by Jesus writing on the ground their own very big sins. Their sins were much bigger than the woman. If not they would not have left and their hard conscience not pricked.

The sad situation of the church is that even with so much revelation of sexual misdeeds in the church including divorce, sexual abuses by the Catholic Priests on a large scale, adultery, and financial corruption, our conscience have not been  pricked. We are hardened, we have little conscience left. 

We are not Jesus, we are the Pharisees who are eager to condemn, even though some alleged sins such as homosexuality is very doubtful at best. We are the greatest sinners having the big log in our eyes yet could only see the small sins of others. Jesus never condemned homosexuality even though the Jewish literature then described gays as born eunuchs. It is all about big sins and small sins.

John 8 mentions the law of moses that was brought up against the woman. Remember, this was not the first time God wrote on the rock. And the 10 commandments did not include homosexuality as sin. Adultery is a breaking of the love covenant between two parties by a third party. How could this sin be equated to same sex orientation and love when we deny gays the opportunity for this relationship covenant in the first place.

In fact, we are the sinner, the third party trying to stop gays from falling in love and having that relationship by calling it a sin even though it doesn't impact us. We have thrown a lot of stones at the gay community.

Jesus condemned each of the Pharisee that came to accuse the woman, but He ended John 8:11 neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more. We spend so much effort condeming gays, and making such a major sin to be worth long jail sentences and rebuke from the pulpit. The thousand of divorces and tens of thousands of abortions in Singapore although much weightier, we kept silent. All of our sins we put on the innocent gay gentle lambs to be condemned and slaughtered for our sins.

A lot of harm has been done and one day the church will realise their interpetation of the bible was wrong and many lives destroyed because of our condemnation. But then, few would care! as the Rev Rick Warren says Gays are only 2% of the population....they were probably never in the bible in the first place except when Jesus was talking about divorce of those able to refrain from marrying the opposite sex. Somehow Jesus is with the least and one day in heaven, lets not find out that we were wrong. Always err by the side of God's grace, mercy and love for we are called to follow Christ and not the Pharisees. We are saved by Grace but let's not make the grace of God cheap.


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