Does the Christian church have integrity?


Ex 23:7 Have nothing to do with a false charge and do not put an innocent or honest person to death, for I will not acquit the guilty.

In a world where corruption reigns and inequality between the poor and the rich, the weak and the powerful remains, there is little integrity even in the church who has come to reflect the world culture of power, wealth and materialism.

In one of the largest Christian bookstore in Singapore near Bugis, I could find only two books against homosexuality in the midst of many thousands of other books on evangelical and charismatic christianity. The anti-gay movement is losing interest.  

In a desperate response, an article by Christian post entitled "Research Group claims that gays have mental problems" quoted widely from a Dr Paul Cameron who is infamous for false scientific and misleading research, and distorting the research of others.

The churches integrity is questionable as it quotes from a very disputed and dubious scientific source ignoring the increasing weight of scientific evidence over the last 50 years that shows that gays are normal people without mental problems just because they were gays.

It is common practise for online magazines such as Christian Post to quote their own dogmatic position as said by someone else as not to be implicated when the articles are scrutinised as false.  

In the article, the Hookers research in the 50s which had led to the de-listing of homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses in the 70s was challenged by Paul Cameron who criticised the research for not allowing the test subjects to talk about homosexuality.

This ingenious attack betrays the fact that the purpose of the tests was to show that based on well established mental tests they were unable to distinguish between who was gay or straight merely from the mental test results. Obviously, mentioning that one is gay will distrort the results and bias. The intention was to have have no bias for the results to be valid.

The Hookers research shows that gays were as mentally sound as their straight conterparts when matched equally.

Many Christians have no intention for a fair scientific and unbiased test because in their minds the decision was made that homosexuality results in mental illness. They are not concerned with the proper scientific tests rather to prove that their biblical interpretation.

Such incredulous claims in the name of science was what got the quoted researcher to be booted from the Nebraska Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association.

There was no intention to know the truth, the real truth, but the real intention is to hide and manipulate the truth. This is against the basic Christian principles against false witness causing harm to the aggrieved party. It denies the church of integrity.

The Hookers reseach of 1957 set the stage for conversations and peer reviews to de-list homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental (aka DSM) disorders in 1973 by the American Psychiatric Association.

In essence, the scientific reseach shows that same orientation is normal and part of the human sexual experiences. It is not a disease or a disorder, that warrants criminalization.

Therefore, since 1973, there was no rational scientific or legal basis for persecuting gays. The religious interpretation of the bible by a few is not a valid judgement to impose on the basic freedom of others. The animosity against gays by the church is no valid reason for criminalization.

The work around by the Christian Groups was to directly discredit the research using phony science, or to use transsexuals as a false representative of gays as in the case of Sy Rogers to distort the issue.

Furthermore, transsexuality until today is still considered a mental disease not removed from DSM. It is amusing that some transexuals claim that they are naturally born with it with reference to the Harry Benjamin Syndrome or Gender Identity Disorder.

However, this is a self condemnation because GID is considered a disorder and a mental disease under DSM and unnatural hence needing treatment. We should instead push strongly for transsexuality to be de-listed from DSM.

Transsexuality confounds the church so much that they quickly grouped it under homosexuality when they are totally different so that they do not need to deal with it.

It is also difficult to establish a frame work of reconciliation between the Christian Faith and being a transsexual beyond a general inclusive and accepting Gospel of love and kinship.

With the meddling and distorting of scientific research, the integrity of the church is at stake.

The integrity and credibility of the church is further in doubt when seen in their very narrow interpretation of religious OT laws to apply only to gays, for which they could be accused of hypocrisy.

Futhermore, when interpreted in the religious context of the church 4,000 years ago, the condemnation against homosexual acts can only be seen in the context of abomination in worshiping other gods. Sex was the conduit to join the the demonic force.

Why doesn't the church insist on banning all non-Christian faith including mormons! Gays are too weak and too small a minority to challenge the integrity of the church.

The independent and peer reviewed scientific research only proves what was already established anecdotally that homosexuality is an innate trait.

The church has been living in denial, in the lack of integrity for the last 40 years continuing on their false witness against gays not realising that there is no redemption for those who spread false witness which has literally caused the deaths of thousands of gays.

The warning in Ex 23:7 is that God will not acquit the guilty because the person for whom the sin of false witness was committed against is already dead due to our condemnation.

 Ex 23:7 reminds us that we will own the harm caused when a false witness is committed. It cannot be negated by repentance. It will stay with the Christian Faith until such time as we are forgiven by those we have harmed.

Yet we continue in our Christian religious indignation to churn out false witness condenming gays in our sermons and magazines not realising that there is no grace for those guilty of false witness.

The church should have nothing to do with the false charges against gays after the iron clad scientific evidences were published by 1973. Instead, the church became the banner rising up against the gay tribe.

We have reached a phase in Christendom where there is little grace left.  There has been far too many innocent victims when we distort the truth.

When the lack of integrity comes into the church, it is like yeast that can grow and spread to all areas and life of the church including its financials. At the end, it is a dogmatic declaration that the end always justifies the means whatever the methods used whether lies, deception, or plain dishonesty.

Is this what Christianity is about?




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