Hope marches on in the midst of darkness

The recent events over the past six months by the Christian Right seems to undermine pragmatic National Interests, the welfare of the people at the margins of society, and is anti-Government. It is not that they put God first, but their strong religious views cloud logical common sense, humanity and goodwill towards each other, and their strong sense of moral self righteousness denying others of God's Grace and Mercy. Even non Christians would not do what the conservative christians have done, because it is simply not right and indecent.

Consider, what the Christian Right has been busily stopping every attempt to improve the life of Americans and against laws to bring the nation to more justice and equality just because they don't like President Obama. It does look very dark indeed -

  • Their anti-gay agenda has forced the dismissal of 13,000 lesbian and gay service in America since the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was introduced in 1993. They rationalised that having gays will reduce morale when their real motive is anti-gay when other major militaries such as Israel have openly serving gays with no issues.
  • Conservative Christians ran a very nasty movement to discredit President Obama by alleging that he was not born in Hawaii, hence cannot be a President even though there was very strong evidence that he was born in Hawaii. They were willing to support lies and self created conspiracy theories, all for the sake of coming against Obama.
  • Instead of applauding President Ob-ama for receiving the Nobel Prize, they criticised the decision, hence degrading the standing and dishonoring their President. It was after all a rebuke of their Christian Right President George Bush whose "Christianity" was epitomised by wars and aggression, and destruction of the World's environment.
  • Instead of supporting Chicago and President Ob-ama for hosting the Olympics, the Christian Conservatives were rejoicing when USA lost the Olympic bid. Whilst the citizens of other countries would be sobbing bitterly when they lost, these Christian Activists were rejoicing instead and praising God.
  • The Christian Right supported war against Iraq using the reason of weapons of mass destruction when there was none, for they fear that Saddam must have represented the  Babylon of Old in the bible and would be anti-Christians. Never mind the hundreds of thousands dead. Christians are now having a far worst time in Iraq than from under Saddam. Now they are a small minority facing all the other groups, unprotected.
  • The opposition by the Christian Conservatives on National Care Overhaul to expand it to cover almost the entire population, why because the conservatives do not want to spend extra money to help others, and fear their own exclusive health care coverage may be impacted. So much for Christians giving up our rights for others.
  • They had spend all the money during President's Bush reign going to wars, limiting gay rights, building up big businesses, and subscribing to their Prosperity theology of ever increasing stock market, large profits for big businesses, cheap loans, and increasing housing prices, all which came tumbling down. Now they blame Obama for not able to fix the problems caused by them over the past decade.  
  • The Christian Right has been the main opposition against the Hate Crime Bill protecting Gays ie they support the right for discrimination, bullying, and crimes against Gay kids at schools on the basis of their sexual orientation because they fear persecution if this bill was passed and they were deemed guilty of hate as charged.

Standing up for ones beliefs becomes synonymous to bashing up Gays and limiting their rights, essentially redefining Christianity from God's Love and Grace in Christ Jesus, to the unnatural preoccupation of prejudice and hate of a very large majority against a small defenceless minority.  And the only reason they can give is to blame it on God. When the "God" reason is used, who can say that one is wrong even though the action is cruel, immoral, illogical and against national interest. However, when this reason is used too often people will rightfully perceived Christianity very differently from biblical Christianity. This will undermine our faith.

The success by the Christian Right against Gays and the Political power they have gained over 20 years have certainly made them feel bullish of able to come against President Ob-ama especially since he is such a nice guy. He is too nice for the Christian Right who somehow only gain from the bible a warlike view with the picture of Christ in an armoured knight cutting down His enemies. That was precisely why  when Jesus came, He first highlighted that He did not come to condemn, but to proclaim God's love, grace and salvation. Perhaps that is why the Catholics prohibit the Protestants from reading the bible, lest they misread it to cause harm instead of proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.

The Christian Right has little resemblance with Biblical Christianity or with Jesus Christ except to represent the Pharisees in the bible. Their actions have been so awful as to lead people to re-read the bible again to determine what is true Christianity. It is for the common good that we should put the Christian extremist and their suporters in closets, perhaps monastries high up in the mountains as to cause no harm and for them to have a period of reflection and repentance, a very long quiet time.

Yet in the midst of the deep darkness, there is hope arising of a new morning as Gays and their supporters marched upon Washington vary that Obama has kept little of the election promises that he made to gays. The 11 Oct 2009 National Equality March on Washington DC organised last minute mainly through the internet surprised many with up to 200,000 in attendance with the majority under 30, bringing new energy, determination and strenght to fight this new round for justice, freedom, and equality. They will no longer take "no" for an answer not be statisfied with the status quo nor having to wait for another decade for the basic rights that their straight counterparts have taken for granted. The marches didn't really do march, but showing up was all that matters.

As Gay Christians we have to fight the good fight for our own people, that the Christ in us may be revealed giving credibility to the Gospel message of God's love and salvation. I am reminded of the Rev Troy Perry who have spent 40 years in Christian Ministry with the Good News message to GLBT population, and is still going strong declaring "I am so glad you came". One day, let those who will come after us, declare, that they were so glad that we cared to make a difference in their lives. If we truly love each other, then we will be standing firm and resolute and marching for each others sake, for we are one body in Christ.

(John 13:35 NKJV) "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."



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