Dominion Theology - Part 2 - the uphill battle

The Dominion theology is the guiding motivation for a majority of the Evangelical and Charismatic Christian World from the Christian Politicians (the Fellowship/the Family), the World Global Harvest and its key apostles in the mega churches across the nations, the National Evangelical Association, the Anglican South, and the Purpose Driven Churches. It attempts to go beyond the traditional religious sphere or mountain of religion and extends its influence and control to the other mountains of Government, Business, Family, Education, Media, and Entertainment. Will their grand scheme or Jubilee succeed by 2015 planned at the Transformation 2009 Conference in Singapore?

The Aware Saga in Singapore underlines their extensive planning, support, and determination, and tactics of using hot button issues such as gays to take over secular spaces, to move beyond the religious mountain. However, the Aware saga also demonstrated the possible backlash from the community, and the Government. Their basis using gays as an argument will be challenged and their hidden motives revealed. In Uganda, where the vast majority is Christians of the Evangelical and Charismatic stream, they have effectively taken over the mountain of Government; hence there is virtually no local opposition to their attempts to put gays to death. Our good intention does not justify our evil actions.

The World Global Harvest and their Apostles will have success but only limited to the Southern African Countries where their stream of Christianity is the vast majority. In other continents, they faced the challenges by the incumbent mountain rulers:-

  • Government Authorities and their governing philosophies eg Capitalism, Communism, Democracies.

  • Prevailing cultures and customs eg a more liberal and less fundamentalist western culture in Europe and America.

  • Major religious faiths in Middle East and Asia eg Islam, Catholics, and Buddhism, each has mountain strongholds in various countries.

There cannot be too many tigers on the same mountain. Even in their own religious mountain, the rulers of the mountains are already firmly established, the Catholic Faith with over one billion adherents, the Muslim Faith with over 600 million.

The Dominion Apostles are/have been moving into Africa en-mass, the Reinhard Bonnke, the Rick Warrens, and the Anglican South taking over the direction of the Anglican Faith there, and their strong success there and expansion may result in a religious battle between the countries of the African South and the North which are predominantly Islamic. In Asia, from “Antioch” Singapore, the move into Malaysia, Indonesia and China faces strong religious and governmental oppositions. It is unlikely that the Jubilee of 2015 targeted at the Transformation 2009 in Singapore will be achieved.

The Dominion Apostles are also strongly supportive of Israel, and the rule of the Jews over Jerusalem, and their control of West Bank, for these lands must be returned and occupied by the Jews before the second coming of Christ. Their control of parts of the US Government through the Fellowship and the Family, ensures that the rights of Israel be protected. This may mean that the conflict in Jerusalem may be long drawn out causing world tension, although it is difficult to understand why Islam wants both Jerusalem and Mecca, unless they too wants to dominate the Mountain of religion too.

The ascendency of President Bush in 2000 supposed to mark the rise of the Christian religious right and the effective denial of gay rights. Their control of the mountain of power in Washington did not result in mass evangelism, but more wars and a massive deficit, and a ferocious anti-gay movement. The rich became richer but the poor became poorer. They lost the 2008 elections to the Democratic Party, and failed to stop the gay marriages. Their attempt to rescind gay marriages in California only galvanized the gay population as never before, A lot of harm was caused by their determined effort to ban gay rights through the voting booth, which resulted in a strong backlash in the 2008 elections. They had a World Power in their midst but revival did not come nether did Jesus Christ return to Earth.

There appears to be no short-cut to heaven on earth.

(Mat 16:24-26 NKJV) Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. "For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. "For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

There is a natural human tendency for power, wealth and control. This is our “life” and losing it becomes a decision and a great sacrifice. We can desire to “save” our lives and desire these natural tendencies to give us meaning of life and a sense living, over a willingness to forsake these human desires for Christ. But at the end we will lose our lives, for through power, wealth and control over all the seven mountains will not bring us our soul. We will lose our soul, our inner most existence, of being a child of God.

When Jesus asked us to “take up [our] cross”, it was in reference to His death, where He had nothing left, no clothing, dignity, power nor wealth. Everything was taken away even His basic dignity, pride, and humanity laid bare for all to see and mocked at. There was no glory and honor, but bare humility contrary to the human desire to have glory and be kings over all the mountains.

The attempt by the Evangelical/Charismatic Christians to conquer all the seven mountains is nothing new. Their sibling has done it before very successfully with the Catholic Church effectively controlling Europe from the 5th to the 18 th century. They had power, wealth, and control, but no revival came. Power was maintained with increasing cruelty, and they too wanted to crown their achievements by controlling Jerusalem through the crusades. But at the end, the Christian Church represented by the Catholics lost its “life”, its soul and connection with God through the Holy Spirit. The voice of God and miracles seems distant as if the Holy Spirit had left much like the 400 years of silence between the last OT Prophet and the birth of Christ. There are 1 billion Catholics on earth, heaven on earth for many, but Jesus Christ still hasn’t return, nor their lot any better in these Catholic Countries for the common people.

The Evangelical/Charismatic Christian ironically are now calling for the 2 nd Reformation to subdue the 7 kingdoms on earth, when their first Reformation in 1517 was a protest against the Catholic Church which had become drowned in power and wealth, and were now offering indulgences (short cuts to heaven) in exchange for money. The first reformation was an unapologetic cry for Salvation by Faith in Christ through grace alone, by a humble monk against an oppressive church, yet 500 years later, we deemed it necessary to have a 2nd reformation to regain the same mountains of power that the Catholics had. We wanted to “gain” our lives back, for losing it has been particularly painful and sacrificial, all for seemingly nothing, with no great global revivals and no 2nd coming of Christ. We are tired of waiting, in the course of seemingly endless time, seasons, and history, and have decided just like the Catholics did 1500 years ago, to bring Heaven on Earth. So instead of Christ’s 2nd coming, we are calling for the 2 nd reformation.

The Churches and the Apostles, in the Dominion Movement, are very good people with an incredible passion and zeal for God and for Christ, but it is this zeal and frustration that the move of God seems all too slow, that is being manipulated to believe in a lie that they could somehow invoke worldwide revivals and evangelism by controlling the 7 mountains. It is a “lie” or a half truth, and although we may save our lives, retain our glory and honor, power and wealth, and our large mega churches, we will lose our lives, our soul, our being the very center of our connection with God through the Holy Spirit. It is the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit who gives life. He is gentle and will not follow our ways.

There are no short cuts to heaven, but the long winding road of humility, pain and suffering and denial and sacrifice of one for all, up the winding road of Via Dolorosa. When we seek glory and honor over the 7 kingdoms on earth, we will lose our lives, but when we give Him all glory and honor, He will be glorified and receive eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.




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