Ugandan Gay Christian murdered for being gay



Gay Ugandan Christian, David Kato was murdered on 26 Jan 2011.

The Christians in Uganda have been aroused by the campaign organized by the American Christian Right to kill and exterminate gays. Kato was outed by the right wing magazine "Rolling Stone" who has made a call to hang all gays. Kato was an unassuming school teacher who gained famed when he came against the "kill Gay" bill being pushed through by Martin Sempa and David Bahati, and his Exodus  American friends. It is the same Exodus in Singapore related to the Anglican Church of our Saviour's Choices and Liberty League.

The anti-gay movement in Uganda is also supported by "The Family", a group of secretive Republican back Christian organization in Washington DC. It is the political organization that manage the "National Proayer Breakfast".

Ultimately, they  want gays dead! yet we give them the benefit of doubt and continue to support them by giving funds to the mega churches and the Anglican/ Methodist churches in Singapore. Whilst we respect the freedom of speech by the Anglican South in Singapore, their hate speech can have deadly consequences. If we really love ourselves and love God, it should stir a spirit of holy indignation within us.  

The killing it seems has already started and the blood of gay martyrs will ultimately bring change. The Christian Right in Uganda, their supporters in America and the Anglican South, all have blood on their hands like Pontious Pilate of old. We can try to wash our hands and deny our wrong doing, but the blood cries out to God, If the Government in Singapore had not acted to protect the basic rights of gays and adopt a "live and let live" attitude, the same would have happened to us.

We thank God for an amazing man of courage who dared to take on the religious establishment and faith to believe that change is coming and worth fighting for. What are we doing for God, for the Gay Christian community? Perhaps all gay christians are called to be an activist one way or another rather than accepting the status quo without giving a voice of challenge to the religiously based discrimination and oppression by those who should know better if they had indeed followed Christ.

I hear the bells in heaven ringing to welcome David Kato home. Welcome home, good and faithful servant Jesus would have said. David Kato's fight and suffering on earth is over, and he is in a far better place with God in heaven. May his soul rest in peace and his death brings a new resolution and courage for all to lift up the banner high that the love of God, the love of Christ extends to all, especially the Gay community.

We weep today for David Kato, but rejoiced for he is at last accepted in heaven by God when he was hitherto rejected by men and worldly religions. We rejoice that one day we will meet him again in heaven whilst we hear him calling from afar to continue on the good fight of faith for truth and justice to prevail. His death will not be in vain.







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