Conservatives nasty Agenda

(Prov 22:16 NKJV) He who oppresses the poor to increase his riches, And he who gives to the rich, will surely come to poverty.

The Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has used his election mandate for jobs creation to instead attempt to crush the Unions in a thinly disguised excuse to reduce the budget deficit. Using the budget deficit as a battle cry and excuse, Walker is ramping through new laws though the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Democrats in the Senate have had to flee interstate to prevent the necesarry quorum for the senate vote. A simple majority will do, rather than the filibuster repeatedly used by the Republicans to stall Obama when they had only 40 of the 100 votes.   

The unions were prepared to work together with the Governor for the budget cuts required, but the Walker refused to negotiate as his real intention was Union busting rather than reducing the deficit. Walker's secrets were revealed by a prank call imitating bilionaire conservative David KocH where the following remarkable insights/plans were revealed:-

a) Luring the 14 Democratic Senators back to the Capital on the guise on negotiations, but once they are in the Capital building (but not in the Senate Chamber) would declare a quorum in the chamber to pass the law.

 b) Walker having considered hiring outside agitators to disrupt the Union demonstration against the bill.

The Koch brothers had supported Walker's campaign, and once elected Walker passed a series of tax breaks for the rich and goodies which increased the deficit and then put the blame on the unions.

The Governor is also trying to push through the legislature cuts in the health care which mostly affects the working poor, senior citizens, children, the disabled, and the poor.

Governor Walker is a Christian Right conservative who ran for Governor on the back of the support of Christians with a motto of "Trust and Obey". His father was pastor of the First Baptist Church and he attends the Meadowbrook Church. It was God who he said led him to run for politics.

Paul Krugman said in the New York times article "Winsconsin Power Play" that it isn't about state budget but about power. Equality is only an ideal contrary to  practise where the rich are more equal than others with armies of lobbyists, and funneling of cash to Walker. Unions provide a balance which the conservatives are trying to eliminate to gain absolute power.

The Unions are to the Democratic Party, as the Christian Churches are to the Republicans. Trying to bust the unions is the same as imposing taxes on all the churches on the argument of reducing the deficit. The Liberals would never stoop so low as the Religious Right.

The Gay Community has hitherto seen the depths of deception and provocation of the Christian Right. It is not surprising that once in power, their true colours are revealed. They are not the innocent nor holy, but full of skeletons. The demonstrations are a God send for the Obama adminstration because it will energize the Liberals like never before as they now know that the Conservatives are out for the hunt and gathering of the spoilts of war, and they are the hunted. 

 The Republicans are trying to win the next election by destroying the Unions so that the Democrats looses its main support. The Republicans were going to win the election anyway with the economy going into a spin. However, by attempting to take advantage of the liberals through the backdoor, the painful reaction may  result in an Obama comeback.

Reducing the deficit is already a difficult moral dilemma not to be complicated by the ulterior motives of the Republicans and their Christian Right supporters. It makes cutting the deficit almost impossible without triggering a strong reaction against those who even in the dire situation was determined to cut taxes for the rich and penalise the poor. To profit from the suffering of others is simply not Christian. If they go after gays today, it could be anybody tomorrow.


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