Christians transsexual confusion

Christian Transsexual confusion


The article on the New Paper reads "With Counselling, he turns straight after 15 years being gay and is open about his past to girlfriend" talks about an Aaron Ng who was said "I was a man in the day, but by night, I'd transform into this woman that some men actually found attractive". The counselling here refers to the anti-gay Christian Counselling group called Liberty League led by a Leslie Lung with a picture of her before and after. Why would any gay man want to dress up as a woman at night or want to go for sex change operation, Liberty league only knows, for gay men are happy being a man and especially obsessed with their sexual organs! and sex. 

In contrast, the Transexuals who had their sex change can have their IC changed to reflect that they are legally a female. I wish Aaron best of God's grace with her girl friend, but if he is a woman inside and dress up as a woman at night as claimed, then the relationship with his new girlfriend is nothing more than a Lesbian relationship, ie a gay relationship.

Even though Liberty League claimed that they are secular, they are actually a member or supporting group of the anti-gay "Christian" based Exodus East Asia (EEA). Leslie was a speaker at the 1st EEA Conference held in May 2009 at the Full Gospel Assembly Church in KL and have the support of many of the mega churches there. 

In the Grindr program, the profile images of the men nearby would appear in the program and you could choose who you one to have a chat with. None of the images are "women" even at night, and some emphasised their seducting looking boyish lookes and their six pack bodies. These gay men are obviously interested in other men, and have no interest in becoming a woman!. The definition of a gay man as someone who wants to dress as a woman is obviously absurd and is spinned to feed the minds of the general populance. Leslie may find straight men liking him when crossed dress, but not any gay men as they would much desired other gay men and not a transsexual.

 The tendency of some Christian Right preachers such as Sy Rogers and Leslie Lung to distort their transexual tendencies as being gay is not surprising. They are confused themselves whether they are a man or a woman!, whilst gays are very comfortable with their sex. They wanted to protray it as a "gay" issue to fit into the text of Rom 1:27 where the man exchanged the truth for a lie, and in the context of the religions norms in those days, it was the temple priests who had castrated themselves to become woman".

Both Leslie and Sy Rogers were almost castrated but decided to pull out in the last minute whilsts for gays, their genital organs are a priced assets. Even considering to be castrated by Leslie meant that he was not gay. The emphasis on gays being woman like is to feed their rethoric in the public where gays were thought of as feminine and dressed as women.

I remeber even Pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation got into the act by describing the King of Sodom as being femine. The King was not feminine neither was the entire nation. They were into the cult of Baal which was a gruesome religion with live sacrifices, cruelty, abuses, slavery, and the man having anal sex with the priests to join themselves to the gods!. Whilst the whole congregation laugh at the joke, perhaps we should not laugh to much and be turned into a pillar of salt! for the wive of Lot who looked back would not have been interested with the "femine" man but the growth and prosperity of these cities at the expense of the weak and the outcasts. They were conquering nations and subjecting them to abuses - more like a red neck bull that a femine duck!.

  Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest Church was no better in year 2000 reminding the congregation not to give "gays" the perculiar look when they come into CHC to hear the sermon by Sy Rogers of the Church of Our Saviour. The gays were suppossed to dress and act very feminine hence the church was to show their welcome. When Sy Rogers begin to speak, I was surprised as he was very women and spoke like a woman. I begin to realise the wrong thelogical construction that they have made up when transexual become gays!. Sid appeared and act very differently from most of my gay friends and therefore obviously spinning the truth.

Liberty League and the Christian Right in Singapore are obviously trying to delude themselves of the fact that gay man are no different from any other man with the expection of their sexual orientation, ie attraction to the same sex only. When Aaron Ng in the news said he became straight, he didn't turn straight from being gay rather he was supressing his transexual nature within. To call this counselling and worst still Christian undermines the name of Jesus Christ and the ministry of the church.

When we try to enforce a false theological construction to change the innate character of a person such as their sexuality, we end up destroying their image and charcater within. Their whole life is gone, living a lie for the sake of someone's religious dogma. We are infact destroying the person, surpressing and killing the true person within.

The greatest sin of anti-gay groups such as Liberty League and Churches of our Saviour is the destruction of the sanctity of life. Life must be considered precious and a beautiful gift from God. When we try to enforce a different character on that person in order to change its core, we are killing that person, destroying him or her until life itself has no meaning. Therefore, gays who went through such "counselling" are often delusional and suicidal, and the talk of attempting suicide after attending such courses for a few years so casually that we see how their entire lives had been deconstructed until it is no longer them. They do not sound and feel real anymore, being very deceptive and self centered and very fake. Life becomes a big delusion.

The problem with anti-gay groups is that whilst they make claim "success" in a few cases to modify the outward behaviour of some, their inner core hasn't change but supressed. Whilst me in my gay "alpha" male attitude may need some changing to become more gentile, the anti-gay groups do need to repent before it is too late. The Word of God is not to be mocked and if keep doing harm to others even causing them to commit suicide or insisting that the Government lock them up, be vary for the day of judgement is at hand and those who persecute the weak and the outcasts may find themselves in their own closets and the entire church in Singapore be implicated.

The influence of the Christian Right in their anti-gay aggenda is almost over. This is no more a closeted world. The truth has been out for so long that our sexual orientation is innate and gays have been coming out and being open about their sexuality like never before. The internet portals such as Fridae and Trevvy have  become the norms for interaction. For example, on a quiet Sunday afternoon whilst Christians go to church, there are 358 gays logged in Fridae from Singapore and another 3,530 logged in from other parts of Asia. In the meantime Trevvy has 1170 online with many showing their handsome and manly profile (and not as women as the Christian Right has wanted to delude us to believe).








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