Proposition 8 - Hear us from heaven

Lord, Forgive Us, for we do not know what we have done in Proposition 8 against those whom You love and held dear to your bosom.



(Mat 5:13 NKJV) "You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.

(Mat 5:14 NKJV) "You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.

The very well known Pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation Church believs that Christians are the salt of the Earth, and therefore during rapture, this salt is taken away, the salt of preservation, resulting in the coming judgement and tribulation upon the earth. Eager as we are to believe this interpretation, the bible meaning is radically different. Christians have believed that by definition they are the salt to the world, but Jesus was challenging them not to take this for granted, when he hinted at the salt loosing its flavour. When it does, it becomes a force of evil instead of good resulting in lasting damage. This is now becoming the case for Proposition 8.

We can defined ourselves to be the salt, but we can be a totally tasteless salt that brings no preservation and life to the nations of the earth. If the church reaches this stage, then it looses its purpose of existence, to be the light to Jesus Christ which cannot be hidden if it is really a true church. Sadly much of the church has lost its saltiness. It is not due to rapture as claimed by Joseph Prince, nor will it result in wrath and tribulation, but one thing that will surely happened is that the message of the Gospel will be severely impacted. When the church lost its saltiness, in the middle ages, it never regained it. The crusades and inquisitions brought dissent to an end, and the church begin to worship the saints, the popes and mary. A new church arose out of the Reformation, but the mother church that lost its saltiness cannot be easily seasoned. It has long lost its purpose, and instead of being a light to Christ, it has becomes a light to the worship of man.

Each time that the church failed to become the salt to the nations, it has has been incredibility disastrous. When the church begin to descend into a state religious and power center and claim power from Peter, it was the start of the end. If the church had not fallen, then the crusades and inquisitions would not have happened. It is likely that Asia Minor will still be Christian today. When the church looses its flavor, the inherent power in the church to do good, now becomes the power to do evil. The ultimate impact, is that the Gospel message will be dealt a fatal blow. Christianity never really entered into Asia Minor and the Arab World, one thousand years later.

Our world history is that of a fallen and suffering world. The church can either be the oppressor or aligned to the opressors, or be the salt to bring healing and life in the midst to pain and desctruction. The church has been both. It is often said that if the Methodist Movement in Britain by John Wesley had not started in Britain, amongst the poor and disheartened, the same French Revolution bringing down the British Monarchy and wealthy aristocracy/ rich land owners would have occured. It was not that Christians were the salt to the earth, it was the inherent message they were supposed to naturally bring concerning God's mercy and grace in Salvation through Christ that brought hope and comfort in a God forsaken life. If this hope and comfort was not brought in, there would be great revolt to right the wrongs done against the oppressed.

The Communist Regime is an example of how it started as a revolt amongst the poor against the rich land owners, and the Aristocracy. The Church was closely alligned with the state and did not arise to bring salt to the dire circumstances. As a result, Communism came and a billion people in China and Russia became entraped in a system devoid of God, where men seek equality through carnal means, but at the end, the rich became even wealthier and the state of the poor changes not. When Christians failed to be the salt, the Gospel message was critically derailed in Rusia and China during the cold war and communist rule which lasted for over 70 years from the Russian Revolution of October 1917.

When the Church fail to take up their supposedly intrinsic role as the salt, then the Gospel message will be dealt a very serious blow each time. On the contrary, if it had acted as the salt and light to a suffering world, then the light of the Gospel message and spring out forth. The Weslayan revival brought forth the missionary movement which many of the churches in Asia and around the world can traced back too. When we become salt, the Gospel spread rapidly and mankind is given hope again.

The Church did not react in Nazi Germany and became associated with the regime, supporting it from the churches and officially eg between the Catholic Popes and Clergy with Hitler. What happened next was the deaths of 6 million Jews, and over 150,000 gays. And we did not even loose a single night sleep over this. The Jews may have gained their Jerusalem in 1967, and gays started to be descriminalised in the states in the 1970s, but unless a very strong movement arising from Christianity to champion their rights, then Christianity would be hard pressed to reach these groups again.

The Black Civil Rights movement arosed in the church, and thank God, for if it hadn't then United states today would be a battle ground torn by strive. Christianity gives the oppressed hope, and courage, and spiritual support in the midst of their struggles in the long and lonely nights of despair. If it is channeled negatively like in the French culutural revolution, then violence, and war will result, and even the church was brought down in the Russian Revolution of Oct 1917. If there is no salt by the church on the oppressed, then the situation will escalate with catastrophic results especially if the church are the opressor. When the Christinaity became intertwined with the hopes, and aspirations of an oppressed minority group, God work wonders in changing the group within to bring the heart of the people towards Him, and changing the external, to deliver them from bondage.

In each country, and situation where the church had not acted as salt, it became "thrown out and trampeled down". For many years and even now, Christianity has been forced underground in Rusia and China. There are no local Christian churches in many Arab contries. If there were, it would be few, with tight restrictions on their coming in and going out. The impact of proposition 8 was extremely damming, because it carries the hope of not just gays in California, but all around the world. Unlike earlier oppression which covers only a nation, this covers world wide, as every country has a gay minority which in most cases is undergoing severe persecution. For example, in Iran, they have killed 5,000 gay men and women, and the numbers are arising.

(Rom 6:13 NKJV) And do not present your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin, but present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God.

The 35 million donated by the church against gays in proposition 8 was the icing for persecution and discrimination that has lasted over a thousand years. The bible warns us not present our effort for the works of unrighteouness but to present our efforts for the works of righteouness such as proclaiming the Gospel, helping the poor, needy and oppressed, being the salt to minister to them, and pointing them to the light of Christ.

Dark clouds are coming, there will be a great shaking in the Church. In Proposition 8, we made our final stand for we shall be judged by, but the impact will be for many many generations, long after gays have their marriage rights and it will impact Christianity and the Gospel message far beyond our imagination. We are at the 11th hour. If the church, do not repent and turn its direction, and become the salt of the world, with Christianity intertwining with the hopes and aspirations of Gay people, then many many doors will be closed for Christianity. Once the damage is done, it takes far more to undo.

Hear us from heaven Lord. Sent revival to your church, that they may the salt of the earth, to bring salvation, revival and healing to a lost and broken generation. Lord I pray, and cry out to You in desperation, that there will be a rrevival in the Gay Community, that this time of despair and dissapointment will not turn to protests but a deeper seeking of faith and trust in You that through it all You will prevail as Lord over the nations. Come Lord Jesus, heal the hurts and the deep wounds of the many generations of queer people. Hear their cries O Lord, over the centuries, and do not delay any longer O Lord, lest Your witness be no more in this people but let Your name be glorified amongst this very last people group on earth. Take them out Lord to the promise Land. Hear our desperate cries from heaven...

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