Church funds for Church Purposes

Apr 2014. In conservative Singapore, it was a court battle in the City Harvest Saga involving Senior Pastor Kong Hee as the prosecution ended its case and the defence submitted to the judge that Kong Hee & Co have no case to answer. It was afterall "Church Funds for Church purposes".

We are all engage in half truths rather than simple lies. Often, some Christians would say that all religions are about love, or that we are all God's children. This is correct in a general sense to hide a different truth that we are all sinners needing Jesus Christ. Love becomes the religion. Perhaps, if we have more love, and the money given to the poor, the sick and the people with lack, the churches would not be in such a predicament.

In FCBC, Love Singapore, and NCCS anti-gay aggenda, somehow straight families and straight marriages are linked to a determination to jail gays who form only 5 to 10% of the population. The argument hides a religious animosity as the prime reason which is not valid to limit the basic rights of others, hence the need for half truths. If they send gays to jail perpetuating injustice and harm, why should they receive special rights.

When we talk about church funds for church purposes, what was really meant was church "building" funds, for church "Hollywood" purposes, a totally pagan and hedonistic secular singing career of half naked gyrations in Hollywood which I don't fancy since I am a gay man.

Hence, church funds for Suntec (even though it is a shopping centre and not a cathedral)

becomes the church purposes for Sun Ho's music career in Hollywood, USA, some 20,000 km away.

There is something in common, The word "SUN", in Suntec and Sun Ho. Apart from that, It's all about fame and glory, power and money, the same temptations Satan offered to Jesus Christ! This gets rather messy for a charity organization.

There is a lost of simplicity, pureness, and integrity of the church in Singapore being dragged through the courts of a secular world.

Shouldn't the mega churches be the finest example of morality, righteousness, integrity, and the Gospel light of the world to Jesus Christ? as compared to the secular world with its very basic civil laws. If our light becomes darkness, the body is dark indeed.

We become dark when we are law conscious, on our self righteousness and obedience to the law for our morality instead of Jesus becoming our righteousness and let the grace of God changes us from the inside. That was what happened to the Pharisees until they persecuted the innocent, Jesus of Nazareth.

As the churches are fighting to stay out of jail, but strongly insisting that gays be jailed in Singapore, Uganda, and Nigeria, the family of the Anglican South, we wait for the court verdict, for justice and righteousness to begin flowing from the moutain top.

At the end, may there be grace upon CHC, and perhaps a contrite heart for a way of escape and for God's mercy to come in rather than the full judgement of the law.


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