Gays destroying marriage


 "On the Christian Broadcasting Network today, Pat Robertson responded by claiming that the "ultimate conclusion" of legalizing same-sex marriage would be the legalization of polygamy, bestiality, child molestation and pedophilia." Huffington Post 06 July 2009

"But the issue to me is, I’m not opposed to that as much as I’m opposed to the redefinition of a 5,000-year definition of marriage. I’m opposed to having a brother and sister be together and call that marriage. I’m opposed to an older guy marrying a child and calling that a marriage. I’m opposed to one guy having multiple wives and calling that marriage."  Rick Warren

The very loud voice of the church against gays with the overwhelming support of Christians claiming that gay marriage will actually destroy the marriage institution is a very effective fear tactic, The church is the agressor claiming to be the victim, Yet Ironically, there is significant truths in the lie preached by the Christian Right because Satan uses our anti-gay platform to condemn us and put us under the curse of the law. When we blame gays for our marriage breakdown, we take our focus of the real reasons and the root issues. Blaming gays sooth our conscience as we continue having divorces living in a delusional state that we have no part to play in it.

The greatest threat against marriage is within the Church, of Christians getting divorce. Gays are not a threat at any level given that they are not out to seduce straight couples from abandoning their marriage vows. They are not interested in straight people, but desire to get married to those of the same sexual orientation. Straight couples are getting divorced within the church like never before but anti-gay hate groups never condemned divorce, but blamed the gay community for it. What is the root cause of the marriage breakdown by straight couples? The root cause may ironically be the strong stance by the church to blame gays for the marriage breakdown. Therefore the lie preached by many may ironically contain an element of half - truth.

Is the church sowing what it has reaped in terms of its strong stance against gay marriage. As we have denied gays from getting married even through it does not impact us, we have chosen to cause grave harm to others and to limit their basic rights. What we have sowed will be measured back to us. As gays are the innocent party being accused wrongly, there is a four fold penalty in the OT for the sins committed. Therefore, our accusation against gays will return to the church in widespread breakdown of marriages.

A few years back, there was the marriage of my former Youth Group leader at a large Methodist Church. The former leader was a divorcee and I knew her ex-husband well. The irony of it all was that the song performer at the marriage was gay and could not get married with his partner of many years. Gays are not allowed to get married in the church whilst a straight couple is permitted to divorce and later to get married again. 

(Mat 7:2 NKJV) "For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.

(Mat 7:3 NKJV) "And why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?

(Mat 7:4 NKJV) "Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me remove the speck from your eye'; and look, a plank is in your own eye?

We are vary of being critical of the straight marriage breakdown, fearing that we should not throw the first stones as we were not sinless and do not wish to be seen as hypocritical in our judgement in case we may also suffer a marriage breakdown. However, quoting Mat 7:3-4 about not being a hypocrite, we often forget Mat 7:2, the manner we judged shall be measured unto us - not individually but as a church.

In context, Mat 7:2 to 7:5 was talking about a group of people, the Pharisees, who used the church as a base for power and wealth, with an attitude of self righteousness whilst being much greater sinner than those they accused of being sinners. For example, they brought a prostitute to Jesus to be stoned, but not the man who was probably one of the Pharisees. They divorced the women, leaving her as a prostitute to fend for herself in the streets, and now being caught demand for her to be put to death.

Jesus was so perturbed by the Pharisees insisting on the full extent of the law against the Prostitute that he applied a heightened scrunity and interpretation of the law against the Pharisees that even their thoughts and intents of their hearts of lust for a woman was considered as adultery. Therefore, if the church insist that gays should be jailed, and denied basic human rights even marriage, then anyone having a divorce is considered an adulteror and guilty because they are already condemned by how the church as a whole has insisted on judging gays. There is a spirit of condemnation on the church in the area of sexual relationships which will impact their marriage.

 Addressing the issue of marriage breakdown within the church as only a matter of love, commitment, and acceptance of each others faults is not insightful, for by our own hands we have denied gays who loved each other from getting married hence brought destruction to many relationships. Why should our actions of harm be rewarded by good marriages. God is God of Justice for which the law will never passed away. 

Worst still under the law, the same measurement is used. The church as a whole will judged with exacting scrutiny without grace not mercy. Therefore any divorce or remarriage within the church is a sin on account of the same measure we used to judge gays. As a church we have looking at the spec in the eyes of the GLBT community and in return the church is guilty and subject to a heightened judgement. What a terrible curse.

 Our denial of gay marriage over the last three decades doing everything to deny gays getting married and blaming them for all sorts of social ills, brings us a curse under the law. It is a curse of marriage breakdown and lawlessness in the church.  We proclaim the curse of the law on ourselves when we insist on the law, and for gays to be judged and persecuted to the fullest extent of the law even though the law was first written in a totally different context and does not refer to same sex orientation rather to idol worship and the practices associated with it.

Ultimately marriage is about love, love that is unconditional and filled with commitment and forgiveness, and God's grace and mercy. We have denied gays the institution of marriage to sustain and maintained their same sex relationships. When we do, we begin to live by the letter of the Law, and this hypocrisy will slowly grow and impact the entire body of Christ, that we will show little of God's grace and mercy in our marriage relationships.

What we insists on keeping for ourselves, we may end of loosing and much more. It is time for the church to stop their crusade against gay marriages and to live and let live lest our own marriages become ship wrecked as our eyes are focused on the perceived sins of others in order to deny our own sins.



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