What made it OK for God to kill gays?



The Evangelical Christians in Uganda (part of the Anglican South) is very close to implemeting laws to put gays to death. They are the majority faith in Uganda unlike in Singapore. They did it in the name of God.

In the uproar following John Piper's response in God killing the Cannanites, we have treated gays as the modern Cannanites and in many faiths often subjected to the death penalty. We condone it indirectly as a Christian community in the Anglican South including Singapore, and so the question that is more revelant today "What made it OK for God to kill gays".

John Stephen Piper is a Christian Post guest columinist and famous Calvinistic Baptist Christian preacher and author.

 In response to the question "What made it OK for God to kill women, children in the Old Testament? How can that ever be right?" replied "It's right for God to slaughter women and children anytime He pleases. God gives life and He takes life. Everybody who dies, dies because God wills that the die. God is taking life every day. He will take 50,000 lives today..."

Is not that the evangelical Piper is unthinking anymore than a dogmatic liberal, it is because he has no answer to the question.  In the same manner, there are many Christians who deemed anything not within their theological construction by invoking God as a mystery and His ways are higher than ours.

Firstly, few thinking evangelical would be a guest columnist at Christian Post with the 2nd coming of Christ heresy. Secondly, the reply by itself has nothing to do with being evangelical. In fact, it contradicts the Gospel message when Jesus came not to condemn, but to offer God's grace and mercy.

The likes of Rev Khong of FCBC/Love Singapore and Cornerstone Church in Singapore would have said instead that the Cannanites fell because the nation went into the slippery slope of immorality hence urging the government to lock up gay people and throw the keys away. All the talk about family is a red herring as they would like Singapore to be a Holy and Righteous nation. Gays are the leven or yeast that apparently corrupts it!

Therefore, we see many churches in the Anglican Global South which is closely alligned with Love Singapore/FCBC having no issues with the death penalty for gays especially in Africa. They deemed it as OK in the same way as God  took away the lives of the Cannanites.

Despite our desire that God is everywhere and be involved intimately, what happened to the Cannanites was rare and God doesn't seem to be actively involved in the affairs of mankind after the diaspora of Israel to Babylon, and when the Ark of the Covenant was lost. The tangible and strong presence of God seemed to have dissapeared apart from special appearances.

The constant reminder in the 377a debate by Christian leaders of the slippery slope or immorality and God's judgement and destruction is actually a reference to the Cannanites whom God ordered a complete destruction including men, women, and children. When is it ever right?

There was something so evil in the land that no one was innocent and everyone implicated. They were not gays as feared by many Christians in Singapore.  What was the evil that had condemned the entire nation!

What was unique about Cannan was that all their men worship the demonic principalities in a very fervent manner, to the extent that they will have anal sex with the temple priests, hence joining themselves to Satan. They were in bed with Satan.

Through the act of sex, there is a blood exchange, and they become one with Satan. Hence, the power of the demonic principality possess them, and they join to the body of Satan. The spirit of the anti-christ controlled them.

The Cannanites didn't own their bodies anybody. Their mind, soul and body was taken over by demons.

The men being the head of the family meant that the entire family was possessed. They were not the innocent women and children! The women also has sex with the demonic angels hence bearing strange flesh and giants of the land. They were making the human bloodline impure.

It is not being unthinking that John Piper should be accused of, but the entire scandal of most Christians in Singapore of not understanding the demonic religious culture and practices in the Old Testament and the power/reality of the demonic principalities. It was a too hard to understand subject where they conveniently blame gays masquerading as family values in 377a.

There is a parallel in Christianity.

Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, when we believe by faith, we are joined to the body of Christ. The communion of wine and bread is a reminder of us becoming one with Jesus. The Holy Spirit of God then resides in our body which becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Just as the reality of demonic control/possession is so powerful, it also follows that as we understand what it means to be in Christ, there is a power and a connection to God that is tangible which we can draw upon. Jesus paid the price for our sins and we become bond servants of Christ. We no longer own our own bodies.

God doesn't take away life in a senseless way because of God's grace represented by the rainbow in the sky and as a promise to Moses. To blame God as John Piper did for "taking away 50,000 lives every day ...." is to blame the Minister of Transport of a car accident. This is a fallen world and sin has entered through Adam and these are consequences of decay, pain and suffering. We can't blame God for the sins of Adam.

God provided a way out, a point of redemption in Jesus Christ. The sign is the water of life dropping down from the clouds with the light of Christ shining through resulting in the rainbow representing the grace of God. 

And as we join ourselves to the body of Christ, there is incredible power, blessings we receive, and also a duty to continue on the ministry of Christ here on earth that we may stand together with the weak, the sick, and the outcasts in these fallen world, to be salt and light of God.

God cares for everyone, and we are God's arms and feet and voice to spread the good news of God's love and salvation in Jesus Christ. We become the tangible presence of Christ as God works through us to bring His will on earth as it is in heaven.



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