Aware - A time to sacrifice innocent lambs

After the defeat at the Aware EOGM on 02 May 2009, the Religious Fundamentalists at Queenstown in Singapore are so indignant that they are looking for sacrificial lambs to burn at the altar to satisfy their extreme displeasure. Hopefully, they don't catch any gay men at the discos at Tanjung Pagar. It is biblical to find sacrificial lambs to take away our sins. When we have so many thousands of divorces and abortions in Singapore, it became just a matter of touching the forehead of the gay scapegoat and he becomes the reason for all this family breakdown, a transferrence of sin whilst we remain in our holy abode. It's hard to fight with the religious zealots because they are so rich, in positions of power, creative and passionate in what they say and do, with much lawlessness so long as their goal is satisfied. However, they might be losing their soul in the process, along with their conscience being surpressed making them less human. The Gay queens have no chance of winning, having no insidious aggenda, and too much like the gentle lambs in their approach to life

The Gentle lambs to be sacrificed whole and to be burnt on the altar are: -

a) Aware Comprehesive Sex programme

There was no apparent or obvious gay emphasis with the instructors guide having a neutral stance on Homosexuality and former instructors advising that no more than 1 or 2 minutes out of the three hours touched on this subject. This was however deemed as a strong proof by COOS and Christian Post Singapore of the "pro-gay" nature of Aware.There were no complaints of CSE to MOE, until raised by the Feminist mentor as the reason for the take over, resulting in a bombardment of comments with MOE pulling the plug to avoid any further issues. The Christian Right must have tried their best to find a fault because it was such a low key item, and the programme was only taught in 12 schools out of many hundreds in Singapore. It's like finding a speck of dust in another person's eye whilst we a big log in orchestrating the coup. We have reached a high level of religious hyprocrisy.

Possible Action Plan by the zealots - to lobby MOE to remove CSE, and put in anti-gay pro-Christian version.

b) Reverend Yap Kim Hao - the liberal ex-Bishop

In Christianpost SG "Church clarifies relationship with Liberal Ex-Bishop" on 07 May, effectively demoted the Reverend who was the first Asian Bishop of the Methodist Church in Malaya and Singapore, to an Elder of the Church instead of a former Bishop. He was also blamed for the Aware CSE programme whom he supported as the chairman of the Chen Su Lan foundation, and his association with a church that supported gays. The Methodist Church is said to be considering taking action against him.

Rev Yap, is a voice conscience of the Methodist Church giving another side of the story and an alternative reflection in line with the Methodist foundation of not only basing their major beliefs and positional statements on scripture, but also on Tradition, Experience, and Reason. Surely, Rev Yap highlighted uncomfortably to the Methodists their own experiences that Gays have all along been with us, and are and were our brothers, sisters, our children though we deny them their sexual orientation. By learned reason alone with all the scientific studies from the 50s, affirming that sexual orientation is innate, surely how can the church be 100% correct to condemn gays and run a crusade against them. Hitler did likewise sending 150,000 gays to their deaths and incurred the wrath of God. Are we reasonable and have acted with sound reason and absolute justification beyond reasonable doubt to cause so much harm and deaths to lives on our account?

Possible Action Plan by the zealots - something about Rev Yap being on the Cross?

c) Media

Said to be biased by the Christian Right, but they were really professional giving equal space to the Old and New Guard. But the difference was that the Old Guard was truthful and transparent whilst the New Guard was evasive and their agressive actions in getting rid of the remnants of the Old Guard, changing the locks, employing manager from COOS, installing new CCTV, and getting expensive legal counsel way beyond their authority made good news headlines. The New Guard were also sinking their own ship through constant leakages of video, and emails of religiously motivated and well planned aggenda by the Christian Churches to take over Aware.

The final self initiated destruction was their own revelation of their Feminist mentor, despite denials of any pre-planning, thus destroying their credibility and resulted in the front page of the Straits Times having a very large portrait of their madam. The self proclaimation of "feminist mentor" brought much public ridicule as Mdm Thio did not have any feminist credentials. The revelations of Mdm Thio together with the public Church services by Rev Derek Hong supporting the New Guard resulted in a very negative public opinion which finally sunk their sinking boat and brought accusations of bringing religion into the secular debate. This resulted in denials of involvement by NCCS which the media proudly published including the responses from the leaders of other faith beliefs and the Government thus isolating the hapless New Guard from the entire community and the Government - the final stake.

The media brought out the truth that the new Guard was trying desperately to cover up. The religious extremist were expecting the media to tell a one sided and biased story which is normal and quite understandable from the viewpoint of the zealots based on their experiences with the christian post, their propaganda arm. However, this was delusional as much as their delusion and obsession about gays.

Possible Action Plan by the zealots - a concerted negative campaign about gays through the newspapers, radio, television with mass sending of letters, paid adverts, and buying over media outlets and sacking all the gay queens in them.

d) Gays

The New Guard and their Christian Right supports tried to conjure up a story that the real coup was by Gay men hijacking Aware with their homosexual aggenda hence making sure that the CSE promotes a "gay lifesyle". The New Guard forgotten one important fact - it was a Women's organisation and gay men don't usually like women and most have never heard of this organization.

The Christian extremist made the same error with Sodom and Gammorah thinking that it was all the gay men trying to have anal sex with the angels. But they were straight men intending to inflict the maximum form of indignity to the new comers showing who was in control and to dominate over them. It was domination - the domination of the straight men over women, and making the men of the nations they have conquered like women by sexually molesting them. Lot did try his best to offer his daughters but it was too common for the straight men to rape the women for their joy and intention was seeing the status of the new comers reduced to being a women. What would Gay men have to do with Lot's daughters?

Possible action plan by the Zealots- say that gays destroy family and children. (don't mention that Straight people are the cause of 7000 divorces and 15,000 abortions per year, since these people sit in the church pew).


The Church dare not blame the Government even though some pressure must have been put on NCCS. The negative article on the NCCS statement and secularism was quickly removed from the Christian Post website. One would have suspected that the Government knew full well the facts but could not move in until the New Guard showed their trump card of their feminist mentor. Once the religion card was played, it was simply a matter of making sure that the church denies any involvement hence sinking any great support for the New Guard. Well done - PAP. Possible Action Plan by the zealots - to get more Feminist Mentors into parliament.

(Deu 32:3,4,5 NKJV) For I proclaim the name of the LORD: Ascribe greatness to our God. He is the Rock, His work is perfect; For all His ways are justice, A God of truth and without injustice; Righteous and upright is He."They have corrupted themselves; They are not His children, Because of their blemish: A perverse and crooked generation.

Our Christian Faith and testimony of the Gospel of Christ in Singapore is the biggest loser because we who are called as followers of Christ have corrupted ourselves with our legalistic aggenda so contrary to the Gospel of Grace. Added to our self righteousness and fueled by our obsession with gays, hijacked the core of our Christian Faith and our message that Our God is a great God, and His greatness is based on His steadfastness as an unmovable Rock that is dependable in good and bad times, a God of truth, revealing Himself in Christ Jesus, a God of Justice, proclaiming and giving a voice of justice for the outcasts and the rejected and weak of the community, a year of their Jubilee, a God where there is no injustice unlike the world system where the majority oppressed the minority, and a God who is righteouss and is Holy.

By sacrificing the innocent lambs of Aware, Rev Yap, the media and gays, and burning it on the altar of our religious legalism and self righteousness, will God be pleased with our sacrifice? We have partaken an unholy injunction against gays for which we will stand one day comdemned at the great High court of God, and for which there shall be no water to quench our thirst in light of the heat which we will received, neither shall there be grace nor mercy because we have shown none to the innocent that we have condemned and persecuted without remorse.

We thank you Lord for Your Amazing Grace and Mercy, forgiving Us for our great transgressions in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour. With this forgiveness, is the power and motivation to change and I pray Lord that the Church will one day be like Jesus Christ and be the champions of the outcasts and the weak, and not use our majority position to cause harm. Forgive us Lord, give us mercy and grace for we did not know what we have done. Let the Light and the truth be revealed to us, and our understanding be made whole for Your Glory and for the sake of Your Son Jesus Christ.

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