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In a leaked email from a member of COOS on the Aware EOGM meeting at Suntec on 02 May 2009, it speaks of "the unity of the homosexuals/gays in attendance, the hooliganism bordering on lawlessness that prevailed throughout the EGM even as these people very forcefully and in a very unruly manner, sought to tear down the new exco at every turn, giving them no chance to speak or even talk about their plans." when the facts were that:-

a) It was a women's event with a few gay men amongst the 3000 women in attendance. The COOS member must be very irrationally obsessed with the apprearance of a few bitchy gay men.

b) the lawlessness here is the New Guard who had stolen the AWARE Exco. Imagine, a person coming to your home when you leave the back door open claiming "finder's keepers", and then insist that you hear her life story and why she is morally correct in posessing your home on account that she doest like the pink paint in your kitchen as it promotes Homosexuality!.

c) The apparent unruliness giving the new Guard no chance to speak was motivated by the New Guard themselves who had rigged the EOGM by - denying the Old Guard effective legal representation by inisisting that Mr Siew Kum Hong sits away from them, turning off the floor microphones not allowing the supporters of the Old Guard to speak, continuously threatening to eject the Old Guard from the EOGM, and doing everything possible to set the aggenda to avoid/delay the no confidence vote, and preferential treatment of the New Guard supporters.

d) The lawlessness of the new guard was exemplified by significantly over spending for the legal representation.

The leaked COOS email then talks of an alleged Homosexual aggenda "I am thankful, at least, that Josie and her team have brought the homosexual agenda of the old guard to the surface and it is now up to each of us to continue the watch, if we really care.", when

a) Homosexuality was only mentioned in passing 1 minute of the 3 hours CSE program, and those who taught it had no intention to promote any "homosexual aggenda".

b) It was stated in neutral tones raher than being specifically pro or anti-gay. However, the Christian Extremist see anything not anti-gay as being pro-gay and part of an homosexual aggenda.

c) The CSE program was not taught specifically by homosexuals.

The leaked COOS email exhort the church receipients "We need to rise up to our responsibilities and calling if we are to be effective Marketplace Ministers.", hence linking the entire Aware saga to the Singapore wide Christian Transformation 2009 event attended by the churches on Marketplace Evangelism where they sought to take over the spaces of the secular by imposing Christian kingdoms and rule. There is definately no misconception on the motives and aggenda of the Christian Right to take over.

The leaked COSS email then quoted from Eph 5:8-11, which states -

(Eph 5:8-11 NKJV) For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth), finding out what is acceptable to the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.

when the darkness here refers to the heresies concerning Christ that plagued the early church, and that the light here is Christ, His death and resurrection to eternal life and not on sexual orientation. It is this light working in us to bear the fruit of the spirit of goodness, righteousness and truth opposing the works of the darkness in those within the church who denies the finished work of the cross. Therefore, this verse refers to issues internal to the church and not an expose of the secular world in Ephesus. However, the Christian Extremist seem to see Gays hiding under every rock and every verse ready to pounce on them. Such delusional thoughts and biblical misinterpretation are dangerous.

In distorting the truth about Aware, grossly exagerating the gay content, and misleading the truth about the involvement of the christian community and church leadership, we are displaying the fruits of darkness rather than the fruits of the light. This is exemplified when Constance Singam an active leader of Aware asked the New Guard "Where were you" in the 24 year history of Aware when they had not contributed at all despite the claim by their feminist mentor leader that she is a grand feminist on account of a reference to her in page 73 of a book about women's achievements in Singapore. They were not there, they were in their churches with their minds filled by an irrational and ungodly hatred against gays whom they consider the epitomy of immorality even though gays form less than 5% of the population, and there 7,000 divorces and 15,000 abortions are by straight people. Therefore, when the 761 showed up, they could not speak for the New Guard, because they had not thought of the issues rationally and can only say the bible says so because Pastor Derek Hong, Pastor Ronny Tan, Pastor Kong, or Bishop Solomon says so. They did not study of examined the facts for themselves but just followed the instruction to vote and support the New Guard.

The poor fruit of the Christian extremist is not due to the light of Christ, but the darkness and bondage of the Law, the yoke of the Law, which highlights their sins and self righteuosness and needing redemption by the Grace of God. They cannot but compare to Gays and twist the bible to be anti-gay when the 1st and 2nd commandments talks about idol worship of the 85% of the Singapore population which there is not a mere mentioned whilst their entire focus is on gays. Surely this highly irrational, and obsessive behaviour is spiritually motivated from the dark side so that Christians can self destruct and by their own actions destroy their righteousness, goodworks, and credible truth.

"Were you there" when they crucified the Lord, when the Pharisees used the Law and with an illogical obsession sent Jesus to the Cross even though He was sinless. We have become modern day Pharisees keen on finding the smallest fault in others whilst we have big logs in our eyes. The turth is that sexual orientation is not an innate sin but that our sin of hypocrisy and self righteousness and Law consciousness so blind us from the grace of God in Christ Jesus. Yes, we were there when they crucified the Lord. We were the Roman Soldiers who tortured and brutalised the Lord, leaving a bloodied mess. When the 761 supporters of the New Guard came and left shortly after the vote, they did not only voted, but they became the crowd who shouted "Crucify Him".

"Were you there".


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