Real Coup by Homosexual Activists?


(Mat 26:51, 52 NKJV) And suddenly, one of those who were with Jesus stretched out his hand and drew his sword, struck the servant of the high priest, and cut off his ear. But Jesus said to him, "Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.

The Singapore Post article published on 24 Apr 2009 entitled "New Aware Exco: Real Coup by Homosexual Activists" claimed that Christians have somehow a god mandated right to challenge the Exco of AWARE on account of what it sees as an increasing slide towards support of lesbianism. It said that "the actual takeover had occurred some years back when certain elements in the organisation had used it as a platform to promote homosexuality.".

The title "Real Coup by Homosexual Activists" is misleading and a distortion of christian truth in that these were not homosexuals but by enlarge heterosexual women with a long and outstanding service to the community and the AWARE organization which they founded. Yes, they were activist for women's rights and came from a feminist background which I believe contrary to the Christian Right aggenda on issues such as abortions, and use of condoms. In the course of their activism, cherish the notion of equality and rights irrespective of once gender, and sexual orientation. The core root and mantra of the Liberal movement is about justice and equality to the outcasts and the despised.

The article had earlier made a reference to an apparent gay sibling of the former Aware president Constance Singam before a correction was published indicating that this was incorrect. Apparently, they were imputing that Constance was pro-gay because she had a well known gay brother active in the GLBT community. They tried their best to impute a link between AWARE to the GLBT causes even though the connection was not there. Therefore, phantom connections were made up to support their stories just as phantom scientific reports were made up by Christians to support their ex-gay theology and threatment of gays. Perhaps they should publish a correction for the entire article because it was full of half truths, and rethoric to deliberately paint a false picture against gays. Typical of Christian Right is having an aggenda and then using the bible and cherry picking the verses out of context and relevance to support the aggenda and then calling it biblical. I call it blasphemy because it gives a false image of God and good people.

Over the years, the Old Guard of Aware would have found it difficult to ignore the constant cries of the GLBT population knowing that their core role is for Women's rights and issues and not to engage in the hot button issue. The change has been internal to the Old guard realising the change in society but wary of not to be seen as a platform for gay rights. Therefore, it has been a very slow change, a hint here and there, rather than the alleged coup by "homosexual activist".

It would have been great if the "real coup had been by Homosexual Activists" as claimed by Christian Post. But the truth is that these activists are from the Liberal persuasion and are very open to discussion and diversity of views. They do not have a common focus and zeal with an absolute belief in the bible as the Christians Extremists had. Such a coup would run counter to their beliefs in openness and fair play. It is no surprise that the only city that welcome and gave Paul a hearing was the Liberal city of Athens. In all the others where the legalist Jews had a strong presence, Paul was forcibly evicted. However, Athens only produced good ideas but never invaded other cities to enforced their views. Therefore coups and invasions are systematic of the Religious Right wing eager to impose their views and beliefs on the rest of the community and run counter to the Liberal Philosophy of Open mindedness. .

What happened at Aware was not a coup, it was an invasion by the Christian extremist, an external group, to take over a secular organization whom they feel as not following their theological outlook. The AWARE Old Guard appear to be horified by the motive for the invasion, because clearly AWARE was not a platform for gay rights in their view and based on facts but to the delusional world of the Christian Extremist, any venture or slight hint of supporting GLBT rights deserves great damnation and a fully justifiable reason for a takeover.

The issue is not an internal issue for Aware. It is an invasion because the Christian Extremist had nothing to do with Aware. They were not part of Aware, they did not serve in Aware nor volunteered for the many activities for women's rights and support. They would have the "right" to call for change in Aware if they had been long time members and supporters if they see that the organization had gone wary. However, being an external party, they should have no right to interfere in the internal aggendas of AWARE. It was an external intrusion gained by exploiting to loop hole of Aware's open and welcoming constitution based on trust and common decency.

It is a poor move by the Christian Extremist which will only backfire. They think that the Gays would shiver in fear! But most of them in honesty have not heard of Aware before this saga but now will be greatly antagonised and energised. The sword has been taken out by this extremist to cause harm and to kill, contrary to the ministry of Christ. There will be a rise of activism of the Lesbians in particularly after seeing how Aware has been treated solely on account of them. There is a call to stand up to resolutely come against this agressive and merciless invaders. However, standing up to COOS with 4,000 members may be a loosing battle.

Once, the sword is taken out, we who live by it will ultimately be killed by it. Was the Old Aware such a great threat to warrant such a move? It will be by the same manner that Christians will be treated - not by the GLBT population - but it will create a spiritual and moral barrier for Christian Outreach. The percentage of evangelical Christians in Singapore never rose above 10% and although it calls itself the Antioch of Asia, never achieved a significant breakthrough in the surrounding countries where the evangelical christians are but a small minority. They may "hantam" the GLBT and its small band of supporters in Singapore, but elsewhere they many be treated similarly. What they have sowed in the sword they will reap multiple fold. Therefore, it is with great sadness that the Christian Extremist have overtaken Aware because it reflects badly on the entire Christian Faith in Singapore in the spiritual and moral realm. Judgement cannot be easily undone. We can "lie, cheat and steal" but once the sword is released, others could do the same and they are much better at it because they are of the World.This is indeed a sad day for those who cherish blibical christianity.

(Rom 8:28 NKJV) And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Father God, we pray for a good outcome to the AWARE saga that it will work according to Your will and purpose to bring equality and justice to the GLBT population. May their plans to cause harm O Lord, result in nothingness, but instead raise awareness of our plight. We pray that despite all the harm done in the name of Jesus, that there will be grace and mercy given to the GLBT community that there may be open doors to declare Christ to the Ends of the World, to the most despised group in our very midst. Our hearts are saddened today, but our faith and hope remains that You are a God of miracles and will work something wonderful out of this calamity. We will rest in God, for He will be our defender and banner of truth. We do not need to fight back for their judgement and condemnation is sealed by what they have done.


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