AWARE - Ashamed of the Gospel

As Bishop Solomon is the Deputy President of NCCS, therefore the Christian Post editorial "Ashamed of the Gospel" on 03 May 2009 criticising the statement of the NCSS on Aware on 30 Apr 2009 seems contradictory as he was also part of the editorial leadership as at 03 may 2009. Is Christian Post SG, intricably linked to NCCS allowing a more forthright views on the issues without being seen as the official position of the church? Alas, by 10 May 2009, he was no longer part of the editorial leadership and the banner "Ashamed of the Gospel" replaced by "Mis-communication". Perhaps they let the truth slipped out in a moment of displeasure of Aware. Also take note of the influence from overseas of Focus on the Family.

So, are protestant Christians in Singapore "Ashamed of the Gospel"? I can be argued thus, because we may have replaced the Gospel of God's Grace and Mercy, to a legalistic Gospel based on the Law where we deemed Gays as the greatest transgressors though surprisingly not the 85% of Singapore's population who would have broken the first two and foremost commandments of not to worship idols. And what about the 5% Catholics worshiping the Pope, Mary and the Saints! If we insist on following the law, why no follow the whole way by having Christians circumsized or better still as Paul said, to remove the whole thing.



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