The Asian Beacon confusion on gays


The recent Gay wedding banquet of Rev O Young in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on 04 Aug 12 has triggered an edition of the Malaysian Asian Beacon edition (Aug to Sep 12) dedicated to homosexuality.

Why is Asian Beacon addressing the irrelevant issue of gays but not the more pressing and direct hot issues such as the alleged financial irregularity at Calvary AOG church against Tan Sri Rev Prince Guneratnam  , the plight of the hundred of thousands of refugees, the religious/economic discrimination against the minority racial groups, and political corruption in Malaysia.    

Asian Beacon is strongly supported by mega churches in Malaysia such as Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, Calvary Church, Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC), Full Gospel Assembly and Focus on the Family Malaysia. It has a circulation of 10,000 and sold widely even in secular  bookstores such as MPH and Popular in Malaysia .

The Cover Stories of this Asian Beacon edition were focused on gays with articles such as :

  • My gay Christian friend (by Chew Sue lee)

  • Embracing the sinner, not the sleaze Finding real love (by Christine Cranney)

  • Girl in love with girl Singles, (by Christine Cranney)

  •  Homosexuality - A psychologist's prognosis (by Dr Hera Lukman)

  • Reclaiming our authentic sexuality (by Evelyn Meng)

If they were so interested in sexual morality, they should have concentrated on the many sins of straight 95% population with its divorces, adultery, and abortions. I guess it is easy to talk about the 5% of the population and placed all our sins upon the sacrificial lambs.

The cover page of Malaysian Asian Beacon magazine tells it all, a gay man deciding whether to become a man or a woman, a kind of deliberate Christian delusional thinking and denial to depict gay men as transexuals. Gay men are most comfortable with their sex.

In the Grindr program, the profile images of the men nearby would appear in the program and you could choose who you one to have a chat with. None of the images are "women" even at night, and some emphasised their seducting looking boyish lookes and their six pack bodies.

These gay men are obviously interested in other men, and have no interest in becoming a woman!. The definition of a gay man as someone who wants to dress as a woman by Asian Beacon is obviously absurd and is spinned to feed the minds of the general Christian populance.

The lie that all gay men are feminine and want to be women and sisters are perpetuated by ex-gay preachers such as Sy Rogers and Leslie Lung. Their desire to distort their transexual tendencies as being gay is not surprising.

They are confused themselves whether they are a man or a woman!, whilst gays are very comfortable with their sex. They wanted to protray it as a "gay" issue to fit into the text of Rom 1:27 where the man exchanged the truth for a lie, and in the context of the religions norms in those days, it was the temple priests who had castrated themselves to become woman".

Asian Beacon is obviously trying to delude themselves of the fact that gay man are no different from any other man with the expection of their sexual orientation, ie attraction to the same sex only.

The bible is clear on God's truth and sex - not the simple reading of these Christians, but on the strong religious pagan nature of heterosexual people of faith. Why blame gays? for Roms 1:26,27?

The prevailing worship in Rome of the Syrian goddess Cybele was both male and female with a bearded face and a big breast. The male priests who serve the cults were castrated to mark the mourning of Cybele’s androgynous lover Attis. His death would be re-enacted by cutting themselves with stones, castrating themselves and putting on women's clothing.

Catherine Kroeger in “The Apostle Paul and the Greco-Roman cults Of Women” found in the Journal of the Evangelical Society details how these cults were often marked by gruesome sex exchanges.

Hence, it was a choice for the male priests to exchange their natural sexual orientation, to become a "women", and what Paul said was shameful was their role as the receipient of anal sex by the men who worship this goddess having now the role of a woman. By having sex with the castrated priests, the worshippers were having sex with the deity behind it, thus joined to the deity in one body and spirit.

Sex exchange was the personification of evil for Paul because it was an attack on God's order of nature, and undermines and distorts God's creation of man in His image. The deities were mocking God's creation by influencing the male priests to harm themselves and make themselves less than human or less than a man by being castrated.

The main challenges of Asian Beacon is how to promote the light to Christ in a country which the majority is antagonistic to Christianity.

The problem with the Asian Beacon and the Christian church in Malaysia is a matter of sin. As they sinned against the weak and innocent denying justice and causing harm, they would themselves be subject to harm and restrictions by the religious majority.

The season has come for an alternative blibical Christian voice in Malaysia to proclaim God's love for the GLBT community. For even the stones will cry out for justice if we continue to keep silent about the centrality of Christ and His Gospel of Salvation, of love and acceptance and redemption available to the GLBT community, not to change them from gay to straight but to bring them Home to heaven above.

Luke 19: 38 “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!” “Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!” 39 Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples!” 40 “I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

We are to confront the delusion of mainstream Christianity on gays, for the Gospel must be preached to the ends of the earth. We have distort sin as homosexuality, for which is a mis-representation for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and not because of their sexual orientation.

We have sinned in our words, deeds and thoughts against the GLBT community and have denied Christ the Saviour to them. We have shut the gates of heaven and say that gays are not welcome into the kingdom of God.

But none can stop the Gospel and justice will come and the voice of those who proclaim justice and truth will stand from the high places to declare God's glory and exalt the name of Christ to the nations, and declare judgement upon the church for keeping the beacon of light of the Gospel from a beloved people.

May the beacon of light, the beacon of Hope in Christ be proclaimed to the GLBT community in Malaysia.




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