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 "There is a sacred realm of privacy… into which the law, generally speaking, must not intrude. This is a principle of the utmost importance for the preservation of human freedom, self-respect, and responsibility." October 1957, Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, in support of the Wolfenden Report,

15 July 2010, The Gay Marriage was approved by the Senate in Argentina today marking the first gay marriage in the South American Continent. Over the last 10 years, we see an incredible move towards Gay marriages and Gay Civil Unions with more than 20 nations having registered partnerships/marriage of some form. The freedom to marry is gaining increasing pace, with 10 nations joining the call in the last two years alone. Not surprisingly nothing happened, and the nations did not deteriote into street orgies nor moral decadence and downfall as predicted by the Christian Right.

In contrast, although claiming to be religious, countries leading in the persecutions of gays such as Iran, Paskistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zimbabwe remain places of poverty, violence, abuses of  basic human rights. ie gross immorality, the very sins they blame gays of. Significant freedoms for all and just human rights so that we can be free to achieve our potential will result in prosperity for a nation. Mob like religious fundamentalism which judged and condemn people, takes away critical and reflective thinking and reasoning and puts people in a closet and puts the nation on the slippery slope to poverty and conflicts.  

The Catholic Church again became the main antagonist of the Argentine vote, knowing that a loss may open the door for Gay marriages in the predominantly Catholic South American countries. There has been loud calls for equal rights in the Catholic world in Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Malta. In Ireland for example, the upper house has passed "Civil Partnerships" on 08 July 2010. They have progressed far since the decriminalization of gays in Ireland in 1993, despite being strongly religious.

(James 3:17 NKJV) But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.

(James 3:18 NKJV) Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.

 The attempts by the Church to ban gay marriages opens up exposure to their own sins. If we lived by the sword, surely we may also die by it. The bible calls us to live in peace if at all possible with those who forever reason we find not to our liking. Just because the Christian community is allergic to gays does not mean that we need to ban then.

Instead of reacting with wisdom and gentleness, willing to yield and give way, we went the opposite direction, creating a false gay agenda and making up false witnesses so that we can justify them remaining in jail and in their closets. As a result of our hatred, we yielded the fruits on unrighteousness, the billions of dollars paid to the tens of thousands of victims abused by priests, and to the frequent exposure of the televangelists and mega church pastors.

The bible in James 3:17,18 calls us to have wisdom, to act with fairness, ie without partiality, to be fair and reasonable in our judgements and opinions, and most importantly without hypocrisy. We condemned gays based on the Jewish laws which are ceremonial and related to the religious context of Idol worship, most of which we do not follow specifically. And yet, we use these clobber verses to condemn gays.

It is time for the church to sow peace instead of hatred and strive, for whatever we sow will return to us ten fold, even a hundred fold. It is time to make peace, to make love and not war, if indeed God's grace remains and we still have time left.   Let us celebrate the Gay marriages along with the GLBT community and support them. When we lift up the weak and the victimised, surely God will lift us up as well.


 Gay Marriage


2001, 01 April Netherlands (Gays are legal since 1811)

2003, 01 June Belgium (Gays are legal since 1795)

2005, 03 July Spain (Gays are legal since 1979)

2005, 19 July Canada (Gays are legal since 1969)

2006, 30 Nov South Africa (Gays are legal since 1994)

2009, 01 Jan Norway (Gays are legal since 1972)

2009, 01 May Sweden (Gays are legal since 1944)

2010, 05 June Portugal (Gays are legal since 1982)

2010, 11 June Iceland (Gays are legal since 1940)

2010, 15 July Argentina (Gays are legal since 1887)

201x, Singapore ?

 Civil Unions

1989, 07 June Denmark (Gays are legal since 1933)

2001, 28 Sept, Finland (Gays are legal since 1971)

2004, France (Gays are legal since 1791)

2005, 26 Apr New Zealand (Gays are legal since 1986)

2005, 05 Dec United Kingdom (Gays are legal since 1967)

2006, 01 July Czech Republic (Gays are legal since 1962)

2006, 23 July Slovenia (Gays are legal since 1977)

2008, 21 Oct Ecuador (Gays are legal since 1997)

2009, 29 Jan Columbia (Gays are legal since 1980)

2009, 01 July Hungary (Gays are legal since 1961)

2010, 01 Jan Austria (Gays are legal since 1971)

Because of the Bill [1967 Act] now to be enacted, perhaps a million human beings will be able to live in greater peace. I find this an awesome and marvellous thing.
Yes, we shall win in the end; but the road will be long and red with monstrous martyrdoms. Oscar Wilde

People are entitled to think that homosexuality is wrong, but they are not entitled to use the criminal law to force that view upon others... A society that has learned, over time, racial and sexual equality can surely come to terms with equality of sexuality. —Tony Blair

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