God bless America


More than 1500 years ago, the Roman Empire fell. It was not because of Homosexuality as claimed by the Christian Right, but it almost seems co-incidental that as Christians took over in the start of the third century, the deteoration had set in heightened by increased military spending way beyond the means. Rome had devalued their currency by reducing the Silver content of the coins resulting in inflation. The Roman Empire of course did not die, but is truly alive in the form of the Roman Catholic Church.

One thousand five hundred years later, history is repeating itself. Again a Christian country  is facing challenging times. God has indeed blessed America with a post WW2 America controlling wealth and power. The seed of the possible demise started in the early 70s where the Gold reserves was not tied to the banks reserves. In the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, an awakening of Christian political activism was characterised by a strong push to limit the basic rights of gays.

The same kind of Christian political activism has also resulted in wars in Iraq and Afganistan, and an escalating deficit as a result of military spending, higher living standards, and a prosperity theology of faith in God's blessings of having more houses, cars, etc. The deficit was ignored and money was printed freely, no longer tied to Gold, and with no fear of default as American dollar is the worlds reserve currency. The housing morgage crisis in 2007/2008 resulted in a massive stimulus package putting America deeper into debt. In essense America was printing money, hence devaluing the currency just like the Romans was reducing the silver content in the Roman coins with a resulting massive inflation.

Printing money is in a way stealing (Exo 20:15) with America living in luxury whilst the world's population work with low pay and long hours to support the American lifestyle.   The prosperity was dependent on continuing to print money.

The issue of Homosexuality is actually a red herring to cover America's greatest sin, that is they print money uncontrollably and so never runs out of dollars. Dollars had to be accepted since they are the defacto world's currency used for trade, and in particular the trading of oil and other commodities. Therefore if Singaporeans wanted to buy oil, they must first convert their currency into US dollars. They had to ensure that the Singaporean dollars is of value and be accepted in the exchange.

What is alarming is that whilst the Christian Right in the USA makes gays as the biggest issue in town, and preach about prosperity theology, it is also founded by a printing press, printing out money whilst the world pays for the Americans. In essence, the prosperity theology is correct, for the Americans have hitherto created money out of nothing. It is like having the Elijah's oil jar continued to be refilled miraculously. But granted God's blessings, we have used the money press not for food and oil, but for wars and fattening the rich cats at Wall street. A large increase in inflation is coming.

The Amercian black Evangelical pastors decry that America is heading down the gutter because of gays, it is claimed, but look closely, the black community in America has the highest rate of abortions, and with Social Security and Defence being the main culprit in the budget deficit, there are few places to cut the budget. There are just no simple solutions. When the collapse of the currency ever do come, they would be the worst group affected.

There are few places to cut the more than 1 trillion deficit per year. Much talk is given to the Tea Party and the Republicans to cut the deficit, but they could only cut less than 100 billion, with the deficit still above the 1 trillion mark after the cut. Higher taxes would not be an easy solution as it would stiffle the economy, and even if the taxes were greatly increased, the deficit would still be there, but we will head for a great depression.

The Chinese are slowly but surely pulling out of their dependency on the American currency reserves without affecting their own economy. America has survived because they are too big to fail militarily and financially. If the American economy fails, the Chinese would have no big market to sell their cheap goods to. That is why the Chinese are buying US bonds - for their own survival.

The attempt by America for the great bail out of toxic debts, close to zero interest rates, and lending free money to the bank, and guranteeing the losses at Freddie May, is tantamount to printing more money as fast they could. Spend more and more is the motto of the Quantative easing where another few hundred billion dollars is spulged. The more money is printed, wihtout any tangible backing eg Gold, the dollar looses its value.

The attempt by the Americans to reduce their debt though lowering the exchange rates/ devaluing the dollar, means that the debt holders are loosing money and one day they would cut their losses and not engage in the dollar. They have no choice at the moment as the dollar is the reserved currency.

We also have many Christians talking about social justice and that America being a rich nation should spend more on foreign aid. The truth is that the image of wealth is based on a printing press at the back of the house. You can't print the money you don't have to give to the foreign aid. Many Americans are not rich either. Consider the following:-

a) The employment rate is around 10%, based only on people receiving benefits and so the statistics are skewed. The true employment rate may be closer to 20%.

b) During the height of the crisis in Sept 2008 , a total of 31.5 million Americans were on food stamps. Today, it's over 43 million. There was no economic recovery for the poor.

c)  The housing bubble/ toxic loans that had caused the crisis in 2007/2008 is still there. The housing prices have not recovered and the defaults are continuing.

d) Despite all the free money thrown in, making the Stock exhange going to new heights and the rich getting richer, there has been little improvement for the man in the street. 

e) USA has 14 trillion dollars in debt, not counting the money raided by Congress on the Social Security Trust Fund.

f) The Social Security Trustee will soon go into deficit, ie the debt will accelerate due to payouts on social security.

 Yes, the Christian Conservatives are right, President Obama should go to church services more often not because of his pro-gay views, but we are need to bend down and pray hard for God's miracle and redemption. When America is no longer the World's reserve currency, the value of the dollar would fall significantly and along with it goes the stock market ushering in a great depression not only for the US but for many other countries.

When the stock market do collapse, it may be worst than 2007/2008, because the stimulus spending which has increased the debt significantly reduces the options for the US and it will be coupled by a devaluing of currency resulting in a massive inflation and soaring of food prices.

(1 Ki 17:16 NKJV) The bin of flour was not used up, nor did the jar of oil run dry, according to the word of the LORD which He spoke by Elijah.

Lord, we pray for the bin of flour and the jar of oil that never runs out, God's blessing that is given for our basic necessities. Forgive us for spending on the wall street, luxuries and war fogetting people and basic humanity. We pray that God will bless America as it has been a mission sending country, and as a nation contributed to the World wide growth in Christianity.

America and her legacy of course will never die, with the Charismatic, Pentecostal, and Evangelical mega churches world wide being its lasting legacy.

The situation looks serious and as the Christian Right makes it seems that Gay marriage and Gay basic rights must be stopped at all cost, they are diverting the real issues of a Christian Population being more materialistic and living far beyond her means. The slippery slope is not gays it seems, but our heart that worships money, power and war.

May God bless America and keep her people safe during this period of strive and challenge, and may we return to Jesus Christ and not worship a prosperity theology - the theology of Wall Street and big businesses nor the theology of domination.


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