""Homosexual Agenda - Silencing the Christians" alleged Fundamentalists

In the aftermath of the Aware Saga, the Christian fundamentalists in Singapore are now blaming gays for “silencing them” as part of a perceived Homosexual agenda, when it was the Government of Singapore who exposed their “Christian” agenda of taking over all the spaces in Singapore starting from Aware and calling a stop to it as to avoid serious religious and social backlash. They look to the American Religious Right to explain why they lost the Aware and came up with the solution – it was the Gay community again with the “Homosexual Agenda - Silencing the Christians”. And that they needed also to control the media in Singapore as in the States to support their anti-gay offensive and so the New Media Breakfast at the Kum Yam Methodist Church on 09 Sept 2009 to launch their new media outlet.

The quick change of face and praising the Government by Christian Post SG in “Pastor 'Amazed' at PM Speech on Religious Harmony” on 11 Sept 2009 shows the comical attempt to put a spin on all the Church past and current activities as fully consistent with the PM National Rally Speech. This appears to be an attempt to avoid criticism as the church had over the last 20 years commissioned thousands to aggressively harvest the souls from other faiths, and to extend his influence into all spaces of society. The said Pastor was after all a former missionary. There is a question of congruence, and consistency in the message, and integrity in the flip flopping. However, it shows that they are as cunning as a serpent.

Why the extreme self delusion by many Christians and their leaders that somehow Gays are and have the political power and support by the majority to “silence them”, when the reality is that the gay voice as a small minority is hardly heard and the Christians have mega empires of television, radio, and print media which for example was the major goal of Focus on Family to control and influence this communication channel. The control and reach in all forms of media was so strong as to be a major impact in the general elections in America. In Singapore, their influence is slowly increasing. They even now sell Hill Songs in secular stores, with Pastor Joseph Prince books and NCC messages being sold and promoted at secular book shops in Singapore.

When the Fundamentalists say that “Gays are silencing Christians”, they are afraid of being challenged and taken into account by alternative voices questioning their anti-gay crusade, when they had almost full control of the media and little opposition to their rhetoric and half truths. They have had a free ride and are now very afraid even of the small voice of conscience reminding them that they might be wrong. Why are Christians so afraid of alternative voices and trying to paint a very bad picture of gays and making themselves look like the victim instead of the criminal? Because they are trying to hide and sooth their conscience of the sin and evil done to the gay community. Their sin against the innocent gay community is so grave that they know God’s moral laws would never let them off.

There is often justice, late as it may be after 1000 years of Fundamentalist rhetoric, half truths, persecution and condemnation of the gay community. The anti-gay messages by the Christians are losing support in the United States with the younger generation now firmly for gays, the gay issue not even discussed at the last general election, and the political power to continue on passing anti-gay laws in the Senate no more with the election of a Democrat Government. The Christian voices are very loud, and not in any way silent but they are slowly being heard less. Their motto was that lies being told often enough would be the truth. They have tried to kid others and with the changing tide now trying to kid themselves. But truth will prevail because too many gays have died, are dying and suffering because of the Christian Right.

The grave lesson to be learnt is that Gays must be out and proud to counter the very loud, large and powerful Christian Right Movement in Singapore now setting sail again to launch the next offensive. We can do nothing much when there are 300,000 Christians in Singapore in well organized churches and leadership whilst the gay activist consists of a few lone and brave individuals, with their PLU organization not allowed to be set up. We must and should make a decision to raise our voice and be out and proud for who will speak for us if we don’t speak for ourselves.

God have sent so many people to speak for us, the Anthony Yeos, the Rev Yap Kim Hao and many others like the brave and stubborn Prophets of old, they had refused to back down even when criticized by Christians, for they had felt that this was a mission and calling of their life to stand up for the outcasts and against injustice. They were following Christ, who had stood up for the marginalized when the religious conservatives then and today, were the main protagonists. What is the mission and calling for your life today? Shopping and more shopping?. Shall we not stand up for ourselves against the religious zealots who will never stand down nor have any conscience.

Alas, the “Homosexual Agenda” may be to silence Christians after all, for when we mixed our loud Praise and Worship for God, with our anti-gay rhetoric and half truths it becomes a noise to God, and could no longer be heard amidst the loud cry of gays raising up their voices, pains, and complaints to God for being harshly persecuted and condemned by the Christian Fundamentalist – for ultimately justice must run down like a river and righteousness like a might stream which cannot be stopped by the Christian Right in Singapore. The dams of 377A are now over flowing and one day will break along with other man made damns down the river with increasing pace and momentum.

(Amos 5:21-24 NKJV) "I hate, I despise your feast days, And I do not savor your sacred assemblies. Though you offer Me burnt offerings and your grain offerings, I will not accept them, Nor will I regard your fattened peace offerings. Take away from Me the noise of your songs, For I will not hear the melody of your stringed instruments. But let justice run down like water, And righteousness like a mighty stream.

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