The Activist Sin of Self Righteousness


In the recent row between the former health care officer, Roy Ngerng and the PM, the writer Catherine Lim has entered into the fray sending an open letter criticising the PM. The reply was profound, a letter from a health care officer supporting and trusting the PM.

What struck me of the letter supporting the PM was the concluding sentence - "“not all Singaporeans think like Roy Ngerng and the other activists who are overly self-righteous in the ways they challenge the government”.

Are the activist overtly self righteous? suffering a few of the same sins they blamed the hierachal powers for?

  • The highly exagerrated figures of 6,000 for the Return Our CPF protest at Hong Lim. Even half the numbers would be hard to justify.

  • The call by Bishop Shelby Spong as to "Why Christianity must change or die" in his call for a humanistic christiany (ie no virgin birth, resurrection, no miracles, no God the creator, no salvation in Christ alone etc) when such desired changes have resulted in the demise of his Episcopal church.

  • The remark by a clergy that the Southern Baptist Church is falling at a "frightening rate" in his support for a liberal christian call. SBC did not grow over the last 10 years ago but the Episcopal church fell almost 30% in one decade. If the SBC was frightening then the Episcopal church would be suicidal.

  • The CPF blogger, Roy Ngerng did not deny that he blogged and spend significant time in his anti-CPF efforts during office work time. He wrote 400 articles and many videos over a short time frame.

  • The support for abortions for the unborn by some christians, whilst valiantly attempting to better the lives of the living and make this earth, a Commonwealth. If we are to do "no harm", it extends to all that we do.

  • In Singapore, the Anglicans, and the Methodists are nothing more than originally a protest movement against the church hierachal from mother England. They and their offsprings in the mega churches are coming against the gay minority who have no rights whatsover. No longer they come against the church hierachal who still worship the saints, mary and the Pope, and salvation through the church hierachal.

  • Love Singapore, becoming moral defenders of Singapore. In ancient Israel, morality and abomination against God are interlinked and related to worshiping the God of israel alone and rejecting all other pagan gods and their abominable religious faith worship. It was not a biblical mandate to come against gays! I don't see them doing religious policing in Singapore and taking down all high places of worship!

  • Faith is defined by well meaning Christians such as Sojourners in such general terms when it is our justification by faith in Christ Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. It is not having faith per say in some higher power. The spiritual realm and entities exists without needing our faith! It's not like Ancient Olympus where without the faith and prayers of adoration from the peasants, the gods begin to falter.

We are all activist one way or another. It's just that it is easier to blame and criticise others. Its very easy to blame either the very powerful or the very weak who can't defend themselves.

Sometimes, it is more difficult to blame ourselves. Why don't the mega church blame straight Singapore for the tens of thousands of abortions, divorces and acts of adultery? Because it starts by looking at ourselves in the mirror. Some of us might be gay after all and need to come out of the closet.

A Singaporean liberal clergy friend of mine talks about the "the Emperor wears no clothes" in his facebook reference about the PM. But we ourselves seldom look in the mirror. When we criticise, sometimes more fingers point backwards.

I looked at myself at the mirror. I have nothing much. No house, no children, no car, few belogings. My most expensive beloging is my laptop!

I am a sinner too - jealous of those who have much more who boast about their handsome and rich partner, their large house, imported European luxury cars, 5 star hotel meals, travelling to exortic places in business class flights whilst mine is in short haul budget airlines.

I looked at my self again in the mirror. It was the Holy Spirit of God doing a selfie with me. We have everything when we are truly loved and blessed by the fellowship of Jesus Christ in our lives. Perhaps that is all that matters, the Kingdom of God and His amazing grace in our hearts and lives.

Jesus Christ is our righteousness, our grace, and our blessings. One day we return heaven to be with jesus, it does not matter anymore all our sufferings on earth.


Let the weak say,
"I am strong" Let the poor say,
 "I am rich" Let the blind say, "I can see"
It's what the Lord has done in me

hosanna To the Lamb that was slain
Hosanna, hosanna Jesus died and rose again  

To the river I will wade
There my sins are washed away
From the heavens' mercy streams
Of the Savior's love for me

I will rise from waters deep
Into the saving arms of God
I will sing salvation songs
Jesus Christ has set me free

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