The second coming saga


Mat 24:4 And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.

In the last month of Sept 12, there weren't any updates at the Christian Post SG. The last two articles "Our Online Newspaper: Independent and Home-grown" dated Aug 19, 2012, and "David Jang's Orthodoxy: An Ex-Insider's View" dated Aug 23, 2012, the editor Edmund Chua defended David Jang of any heretical teachings against allegations that he had claimed that he was the 2nd advent of Christ.

The Christian Post SG is known to be anti-gay. Its two articles - "Ashamed of the Gospel" and "Offence of offence" were typical in their support of the Anglican Church of Our Saviour in the Aware Saga. It is ironic that the only reason that would have shut down the publication is the alleged associations with a fundamentalist cult of her US counterpart.

In Sept, the list of editorials of Singaporean Pastors soon dissapeared from the on-line magazine and like a tombstone there was no life left. There were rumours that the magazine is possibly associated with the South Korean Unification Church who believes that Jesus is re-incarnated of their leaders and of mass arranged marriages with multiple wives.

It is ironic that thousands could marry in arranged marriages at this fundamentalist cult church, some with many wives, yet gays are denied their basic rights even to get married with the person whom they loved.

It all started earlier on Aug 16, 2012, when the US publication Christianity Today reported on a cult in an article "The Second Coming Christ Controversy". The alleged leader taught at the Unification Church for 9 years (1998 to 1999). The very strong manner in which the Christian Post magazine then defended the cult leader escalated the attention.

Christian Post SG tried to distance themselves from the ensuing drama in the states by claiming on Aug 19 that they are "independent and home grown" when they are but a sub domain of the US web site hosted by the same servers. After all, they are the Christian Post Singapore edition.

The liberals have often talked about Post colonialism and the conservatives Neo-colonialism. However the truth is that the reverse is now happening of the South Korean churches influencing the US and Singapore very secretively whilst appearing to be local.

In a second Christianity Today article "The Second coming Christ Controversy: More leaders speak out" dated 12 Sep 12, the truth was revealed in a testimony by now the Singapore Christian Post ex-Editor, Edmund Chua. In a courageous statement, Edmund came out of the closet and said that he had "believe David Jang as Second Coming Christ" and prayed to Jang as "God".  Edmund was apparently restricted from his own website since the end of Aug 12.

Edmund was the perfect insider being the Southeast Asian representative on the World General Assembly (WGA) of Jang's Evangelical Assembly of Presbyterian Churches (EAPC).

 Two surprising theological developments were:-

a. Righteous justified lying to achieve kingdom purposes

b. Claims of being the re-incarnated Jesus Christ who came for the second time.

Can we be so self righteous as to claim we are Christ incarnate in His second coming? Where were the trumpets! Perhaps only the annointed ones can hear them. The theology of righteous lying allows them to lie about their real beliefs that their leader is the 2nd coming Christ.

Just as some Christians believed that all faiths lead to God thus negating Jesus Christ work of atonement, on the other side, some Christians even claim to be God thus taking away the deity of Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Same sex orientation is a choice, but claiming yourself as Christ and God incarnate is a matter of faith and some say spiritual pride which is the sin that caused the fall. They were using their "righteous lying" theology to condemn gays with sorts of lies of their own creation.

The claim to the authority of Christ is of course nothing new, for the Catholic Church has given incredible authority to the Pope as the bridge head between God and Man, and Mary as the co-redeemer with Christ. We become god-man, the caeser of old. 

However, the way that some Christians treat their mega church pastors as annointed by God and could do no wrong or even be subject to criticism is not very much different. All of us fall short of the glory of God requiring redemption for our sins. We are all sinners and not Christ who was sinless.

Mat 23: 27 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness. 28 Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.

The entire saga which is a bringing to a halt to the Christian Post SG gives a good understanding of the root causes of the extreme positions taken against Gays by some Christian groups. They were hiding something deep within. The more sinful we are, the more condemning we are of others to hide the focus on our own sins.

On the surface, we may be good bible believing Christians. But within the white washed tomb of holiness and sinless apperances are the dead skeletons of corruption, sin and decay. We habor a resident evil within that only an understanding of God's grace in Christ can redeem us from ourselves.

We have had to fake the appearance of being holy and righteous for God with a holy indignation against the perceived sin of others. Some hid the ultimate sin of blashemy by denying Christ as their Lord and Saviour by making themselves God.

It is so easy to lie and spin the truth about gays with the rethoric and half truths following a theology of righteous lying where the end justifies the means to achieve kingdom purposes. However, the end never justify the harm caused.

As people of faith, we have the freedom of religion to believe whatever we deemed to fit our religious orientation. But we should have kept our faith to ourselves rather than blaming gays to redeem our sins. Only the lamb who was sacrificed can redeem us.

It is much more difficult to change ourselves than to change others. Often, the greatest sinner is us and not the people we point our fingers at.

For as Christians, we know that we are saved by God's grace and mercy through Jesus Christ. We don't need to condemn people or to criticise others. Our righteousness is from Christ and not from our good works or being sinless. The more we try to be sinless, the more we will sin. And the ultimate sin is claiming to be Christ Himself! because they were stealing the honor and glory due to God.

They have stolen from the gay community by portraying us as vile sinners against God when they were stealing the glory and honor from Christ, the incarnate of God.

Very few will know or even care about the truth, and the move of God to reveal the hidden, but this should be a humbling experience for God is cleaning the house of God. We rejoice but yet sad for the Christian Faith itself is ultimately implicated by these foxes in sheep skin which are certainly no gentle lambs.






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