Christian Spin on 377A

There was a number of rather bias opinions given by the Singapore Christian Post in their article of 23 July 2008 on "State Takes Active Stand on Non-Enforcement of Anti-Homosexuality Law". The article seemed to be misled on a number of issues, concerning the non persecution under 377A of the charge against a Mr Cheng who was caught having sex with a minor in the public toilet who was charged under other laws. It is an unfortunate attempt to frame the 377A persecution in the context of "promoting a homosexual lifestlye" when the act itself is about same sex acts. (given that the same acts between different sex is considered acceptable) and nothing to do with any chosen "lifestyle". In fact the non persecution indicate that the Government is no longer seeing Homosexuality as a "chosen lifestyle" rather an issue which a small minority is innately born with but has strong reservations from a vocal christian minority.

a) The article states "Under the anti-homosexuality rule, the state has been prosecuting violations of the anti-homosexuality law only insofar as they publicly promote a homosexual lifestyle,...", with the example given on the MDA imposing fines of Media outlets for showing programs with even the slightest incidental Gay content. However, 377A is about jail sentence under same sex acts and not about MDA rules.

b) The article alleged that the "passive stance" is due to the Christian and Muslim minoritiy but shows a picture all the 4 major religions in the article which basically constitute the vast majority of the population. This contradiction is a deliberate to attempt to paint the anti-gay movement as championed by the minority Christian movement, but supported by the majority opinion as is inline with the "majority" argument used in the "keep 377a" political campaign by the Christian Right..

c) The article protrayed an "Conservative vocal minority" against a strong "active homosexual lobbyists" when the churches which has 100 fold more manpower, determination, at all levels of politics and wealth against a tiny community whose organization is not even allowed to be legally registered and who champions is a few well known personality. This deliberate exagerration of the gay treat and aggenda is Christians in Singapore trying to rationalise that its actions are just and righeous when it is abusing the weak..

The non persecution under 377A should be a concern to the Christian Right who desperately tries to reassure the conservative and homophobic Christians with the "spin" that the Government still takes active stance under 377A against those "who promote homosexuality". If 377A is not used, is reason enough for it to be retracted.

The Christian Right seems hypocritical by its non action against the many half naked women posing in magazines glaringly displayed in the news stands with no objections at all the National Council of Churches nor any mega churches. They are straight and that apparently makes it right for the conservative and hence not a lifestyle.

Christians will be judged using as shallow a theology and distinction. Christianity is a choice but being gay is not a choice or a lifestlye just as being straight is not one. Therefore, when what is innate and what is chosen is made gray, it will be argued in the future that religion is not a choice and what you believed in is determined by the circumstances of your culture and upbringing. Therefore how could God penalized us for something beyond our control. We are underming our on faith by going after gays. They will still be there and with the same numbers whatever our theology is.

By going outside what the bible says about Homosexuality which frames it as a Religious experience (which actually is a religious issue of straight people having sex amongst themselves to please certain gods in addition to having straight orgies), we detract from the lessons of the bible concerning worshiping idols. There is no uproar against religious idols, no public statements, in contrast to the strong position against Homosexuality. Gays are targeted because they are very weak and an easy target to show our self righteousness against "sinners" and godly/holy credentials. In the long run,.the world's impression of our faith will be that of an anti-gay movement and not the uniqueness of Christ message of hope and salvation. Let us throw away all our idols, and persecuting gays is one of them. Let us come before God and worship Him in truth concerning Christ, and in Spirit as a child of God joined together by the Holy Spirit through Christ death and resurrection.


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